Faith… What do you believe?

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Channeled Messages from Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene - Faith

Greetings beloved children of the Universes(s). It is I, the Magdalene, who speaks with you now. It is I who holds you in my arms and sends LOVE beyond all measure. Please receive what is freely given.

Faith… What do you believe?

Who do you believe? Are your beliefs yours or are they accepted as truth from family, friends, society or the collective consciousness? Where and with whom do you place your trust?

Are your beliefs serving you well or is it time to release some and acquire new ones?

Faith is seemingly intangible; however, for eons of time it is sought after; accepted blindly; or denied. Where are you with your journey of faith? It is time to return to your heart and feel the truth of your answer.

Are you able to feel, know or trust that there is something, a presence that is greater than you? Can you trust the truth that you are infinitely supported and know that all you must do is ask for help from the one Source, All That Is, who is sometimes called God as well as many other names? Are you ready to release the illusion that you are in control and surrender to the beauty and love that surrounds you in each moment—if only your eyes and heart were open to see? Remember, you are free to choose! It is your choice that will determine your experience.

We are all part of the one Source of creation and are connected in ways that are often forgotten because of our different looks and beliefs. When one suffers All suffer. When one rejoices All rejoice.

Please take a few moments and breathe deeply in and out. With your eyes closed bring your awareness to your heart space, the center of your chest and between your breast bones. Imagine your breath aligned with your heartbeat; then with the heartbeat of Mother Earth; then with the heartbeat of the Universe; then with the heartbeat of the Multi-verses; and then with the heartbeat of All That Is, God or whatever you call the one Source of creation.

Feel the connectedness to all life in this moment. Ask, “What do I believe now? Is faith real for me? Do I trust what I’m feeling right now?”

And so it is.

Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna, MA
Best-Selling Author & QHHT Practitioner
©Victoria Barna, Channeled Jan 20, 2015