Mother Earth Continues To Shift: Choice To Release & Heal Is Yours

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All is well! The universe and precious Mother Earth continue to shift. Much is shifting within each and every life-form on this planet. How gloriously beautiful it is! How are the shifts going within your universe? Each one of you is a microcosm of what is going on around you, are you not? Remember, Dear Ones, you always have CHOICE – CHOICE to leave behind old and outdated beliefs and preconceptions – CHOICE to release negative thoughts, actions, energies and anything which no longer serves your greatest good. You have the CHOICE to embrace ALL that is Light and LOVE – ALL that heals and assists with expansion of consciousness – ALL that serves God/Creator/Spirit/Source.

You have the CHOICE To Forgive, Allow, Accept and Own the BEAUTY of who you are – choosing to live your life as the full expression of your Divine self, co-creating in each and every moment that which serves the greatest good. You have the CHOICE to remain static and stay right where you are in all aspects of the life you have created. Some of the CHOICES are presented each day. They seem so simple; yet, we can make them very complex, can’t we? What CHOICES are you making in each moment? Are your CHOICES based on fear or LOVE, trusting in the Creator? What you CHOOSE NOW is what manifests in the next moment. Let go of the past and remain present for it is in the present that creation occurs in each and every moment.

During this time of shifting listen to your heart for it is within your heart that much truth is received. It is here when your mind is quiet that your true self speaks. Wisdom is within. It is time to journey within for truth and guidance letting go of the need and desire to find it externally. “Peace begins within” as stated by Thich Nhat Hanh, a beloved monk and author. Journey within, Dear Ones, for it is here that you will find peace first, love first, compassion first, hope first and once these are found such JOY and LOVE will explode from your heart, not only for others, but for yourself. Be kind to yourself first, healing yourself first and then all else will be seen clearly. “Peace begins within.” Journey within, Dear and Precious Children of God/Creator/Spirit/Source and find the truth. It is time!

This spiritual healing wisdom message was shared with me today during my meditation with the Ascended Masters and Archangels. I am grateful and feel blessed for the truths that are so freely shared.

Victoria Barna
Spiritual Coach, Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author
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How Powerful Are You?

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POWER and POWERFUL, these are words for you to contemplate and incorporate in your daily meditation. Let’s see how Webster’s dictionary describes POWER. It is an “ability to act or produce an effect; possession of control, authority, or influence over others”. POWERFUL is defined as “having great power, prestige, or influence”. For our discussion let’s think of POWER as having an “ability to act or produce an effect”.

When you see or hear these words what FEELINGS do you experience. Are they easy words for you to use when you talk about yourself? Look at them again and notice what is going on with your body. Feel the emotions that emerge. What are you thinking right now? Do you feel that you have the ability to act or produce an effect? It doesn’t really matter right now what that effect is, rather focus on whether you feel that you can do it. Can you? If you answer yes to this question then please begin to think of yourself as having POWER and being a POWERFUL being for if it is nothing more than creating changes in what you believe, think, say or do, you are acting to produce an effect, are you not? You are changing you, this is the effect!

The truth is that for great change to occur outwardly in the environment first change must occur in your inner being-what you think, feel, say, believe or do. This is where ALLOWING, ACCEPTING AND OWNING the POWER you are begins. It is your choice to make. How badly do you wish for great leaders in our country to be elected? How badly do you want the systems and structures to change? How much are you willing to change for this to happen? Are you ready to accept responsibility for what you are creating? Are you ready to receive the blessings that can flow your way without limitations? Are you ready to accept that there is a higher POWER or CONSCIOUSNESS that supports you? Are you ready to BE the POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEING THAT YOU ARE RIGHT NOW? If your answer is yes then know that it is time to RECLAIM YOUR POWER-reclaim the truth and wisdom that is available to you in each moment.

Know that you are POWERFUL spiritual beings having wonderful human experiences and it is time to wake up. It is time to return to the truth of who you are. It is time to embrace and love yourself, forgive yourself and be compassionate with yourself for then you can BE this for others. This is when true self healing, spiritual healing, change and transformation can take place. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rock star, politician, stay at home mom or dad, student, shut in, homeless or wealthy person, or just a kid having fun. We are all part of the whole connected by something greater. It is time to remember who we are. Start with you then reach out to others. As you change, others around you will benefit. Focus on what brings your heart JOY and listen to your heart as you make your choices. Acknowledge and accept the POWER that YOU are. This is a choice you can make!

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With LOVE and LIGHT,

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

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