Reclaim Your Power…Recapture Your Brilliance!

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I was recently asked by a dear friend, “What brings you joy?” This is a question that I usually ask my clients and as I sat and thought about it I responded, “What really revs my jets is watching the light bulb go on within my client. I love helping clients remember and accept that they are powerful and that they can create anything they want — taking back their power.” I feel very passionate about this. This is what keeps me going and what keeps me doing this kind of work.

I believe that each one of us can access exactly what we need. We must learn to trust what we know is right for us! What role can I play in this whole process then? I see myself like a coach with lots of tools to use to help clients. I share my own experiences, invite others to explore their personal fears, beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, desires and interests and to see choices clearly. I offer encouragement as well as tools and insights that are designed to create more awareness, compassion and acceptance of oneself and others. Ultimately I help clients to accept themselves and remember who they are and why they are here. Results are individual and varied because they rely on personal choice — a choice to take action that can lead to life changes and transformation.

Change and transformation begin within. These are individual choices. No one can change or transform another person. My experience is that when I choose to change my habits, perceptions and beliefs others around me shift and change. I have to take action first in order to change!

As I reflected on my focus moving forward this year it’s to help YOU:

Reclaim Your Power and Recapture Your Brilliance!™


What does it take?

In my experience it takes commitment, courage and perseverance. Sometimes it may feel hard but clients that I work with have all said that, “It is life- changing and it’s worth it!”

How do you begin this journey more consciously?

I’m offering several options that can help. My dear colleague, Gisela Arenas, and I will offer a group Reclaim Your Power . . . Recapture Your Brilliance!™ with FREE Introduction class on March 20th and March 23rd with Reclaim Your Power . . . Recapture Your Brilliance!™ Master Class – Level I with certification beginning April 6th at Storm Wisdom in Phoenix, AZ.

If you enjoy a more personal experience please consider Reclaim Your Power . . . Recapture Your Brilliance!Personal Mastery Program that is available now.

Are you ready to Reclaim Your Power and Recapture Your Brilliance?

Reclaim Your Power...Recapture Your Briliance

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Victoria Barna
Life Coach, Author & Speaker
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Reclaim Your Power Through Your Infinite Heart

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Wanted to share an article called: “Reclaim Your Power Through Your Infinite Heart” that is on We have been talking about on Facebook on How To Learn To Be… and this article helps you do that… Enjoy!

How do you Reclaim Your Power
through your Infinite Heart?

You might even wonder what the infinite heart is. Let me explain. Have you ever had an “AhHa” moment? You know the moments when all of a sudden something comes clear and the light bulb goes on so to speak? I recently attended a seminar where several light bulbs lit up for me!

I was sitting in the audience and listening to the speaker, Dr. Richard Bartlett, talk about going into the heart space. When we access information from our hearts we are in a neutral and expansive space. Another image that he shared was of the brain. I loved it. He invited us to think of the brain as the hardware in a computer and the infinite information that is available throughout time and space as the software.

The goal is to quiet our left brains so that our right brains can receive limitless information with the help of our highest self and guides, bringing the information into our heart space. I totally understood this and thought, this is what I recommend to clients, move from head and thought into the heart space. New language came to help explain the process.

I was tracking and then the AhHa came. Dr. Richard Bartlett went on to say, how many people really know what being in the heart feels like? All of a sudden I got it and thought, of course there are a lot of people who don’t know what being in the heart feels like. How do I know? I see many clients and know many subtle energy practitioners who have closed their hearts for a variety of reasons. Part of growth and expansion includes quieting thoughts and opening the heart space to receive infinite wisdom, knowledge and information that is available to everyone.

I began to think about how we access the heart space. Meditation certainly works to quiet thoughts and provides a way to enter the heart space and achieve inner stillness. For those of you who like to meditate, ENJOY! I personally find meditation enjoyable. When I’m in the quiet stillness of my inner sacred space I find answers and clarity. All is possible. Runners describe a similar feeling when they are in the “zone”. For those of you who find it more challenging to reach an inner stillness where infinite information is available to access I suggest trying the following:

First, think of an activity or something that you truly enjoy. For example, if you like to dance you can imagine a dance floor in the center of your chest, your heart space-a place that is not your physical heart but one that some might call your “high heart”. Now, imagine dancing down into your heart space. How fun! Begin at the top of your head through your brain, down your neck and through your throat into your chest arriving at the dance floor of your choice.

Feel the amazing joy and peace once you arrive. Know that this feeling is yours to always access. It is a tangible way to move from your head and thought to an inner sacred space where thought can quiet easily. You might find dancing is not your favorite so pick something you love like cooking, skiing, running, meeting a loved one, or performing on stage! Use your imagination to create something that is uniquely yours!

Yes, it is yours to own and create. The information, wisdom, and knowledge that is available for you to access is limitless. Before you begin your descent into your infinite heart create an intention, ask a question, or ask the universe or God what serves your greatest good to know right now. Remember, all is possible when limitations are released. Journal what comes after your quiet experience and be delighted and amazed!

I love to journey with people who are ready to reclaim their power; people who remember that each one of us is a creator, creating in each and every moment — creating our own realities; people who are ready to grow and expand their awareness and consciousness and may not know exactly how to move forward; as well as people who are ready to shift, change and transform. Where is your journey taking you?

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On our blog here to assist you in helping get into a quiet place, we have a Guided Meditation for you as our gift.

Victoria supports and encourages discovering and expanding ones’ self-healing abilities, personal inner strengths, wisdom and creative expression while increasing self-confidence and awareness–bringing what is “within” into everyday action. This evolving journey of change and transformation includes Awakening, Discovering, and Creating your Heart’s Desire!

Victoria is a respected Transformative Guide, Healer, and Author! She is an ordained minister and Spiritual Director with an education that includes a BS/BA and an M.A. in Theology with an emphasis in Spirituality. Would love to connect with you!

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Reclaim Your Power

I hope you found benefit in this article to Reclaim Your Power and would love for you to share any comments.

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

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As a Spiritual Coach, Healer, Speaker and Teacher I often meet with people who sense or feel that there is “something more,” something that hasn’t been finished – something that seems to be missing in their life. This is true for individuals who seem to “have it all” as well as those who appear to “struggle” in each moment. What I have found is that these feelings often are symptomatic of a Spiritual Awakening that is going on deep within the soul. The soul cries out and yearns to emerge and share the wisdom and knowing of something far greater than is currently being expressed. It is a knowing that we are all spiritual beings having human experiences that will grow and expand consciousness. It is a knowing that is ready to expand the spark of “Light” within that aids and assists the individual journey of remembering. It is the desire to connect or reconnect with Source/God/Creator/Spirit, whatever you name the ONE.

We are beautiful children of God, children of Light and LOVE. Our soul cries out to release all feelings of separation, feelings that it has been separated from the Divine when truly this feeling of separation has been nothing but an illusion. It is an illusion that our mind has created for there never has been nor will there ever be a separation between us and the Divine for we are beautiful children of God and the Divine is within us. What if you felt in each moment the power of who you are? What if your lens for living life became a lens of unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude and service how would your life and choices change?

One of the great Spiritual Teachers is Nelson Mandella… Please enjoy reading his shared wisdom of Claiming Your Light from his 1994 inaugural speech.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,
our deepest fear is that
we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our Light, not our darkness
that most frighten us.
We ask ourselves, who am I
to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a Child of God.

Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about
shrinking so that other people
won’t feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest
The Glory of God that is within us.
It’s not just in some of us;
it’s in everyone and as we let our light shine
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.”

Nelson Mandela – 1994 – Inaugural Speech

Knowing who you are and why you are here is to Reclaim Your Power and shine your light!

Victoria Barna
Spiritual Coach, Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author
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Guided Journeys Meditation CD; and Soul Journey Journal
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Reclaim Your Power Through Conscious Choice

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What does it mean to Reclaim Your Power? When was the last time that you chose to do something just because it pleased you to do it for yourself? I’m talking about doing things that harm no one or thing so let’s be clear about that.  Did you wonder what others would think about you when you did it? Did it bring you a sense of joy and peace when it was done? How did you feel? Was it a good feeling, one of self empowerment or self mastery? Was this CHOICE CONSCIOUSLY made?

Conscious choice is what is missing in our lives. It is time to reclaim our power and remember that we create our life through our thoughts and choices. When was the last time you ended your day and couldn’t remember what you did? Being aware of what you are choosing in each moment is part of reclaiming your power.

What lens do you use when you make your choices? Do you give the choice much thought or is it done on auto pilot? If you use auto pilot let me propose a different lens to use. I have used the lens of LOVE, GRATITUDE and SERVICE for a few years now and once I began this consciously my life began to shift. I consciously chose to pursue my spiritual path rediscovering who I am and why I am here. What a beautiful journey it has been for me as I chose to reclaim my power with the help of God/Creator/Spirit/ Source, whatever name you use for the ONE.

I am reading Soul Communication Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha right now and was delighted to see the lens that he uses is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, FORGIVENESS and SERVICE. He also uses GRATITUDE consciously to thank Creator for the many blessings in his life each moment. I have also come to know that unless one forgives oneself and others growth in consciousness, feelings of joy, peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity and health can often be blocked. So I have now consciously added FORGIVENESS as part of the lens I use to make my choices. How hard is it to shift and create a new lens for decision making? It is simple yet our humanness can make it complicated. I choose simplicity now. How about you?

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author
Reclaim Your Power; CHOICE A Simple Way to Peace;
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The Heart Experience™ is Here Now!

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What is The Heart Experience™ ? It is a program co-created by Gisela Arenas and me that focuses on opening individual hearts and minds to allow accept and own that it is ok to receive love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance for self first and then others. This is essential for true growth and self healing to begin, we believe. We provide spiritual tools and guided meditations during each session so that what no longer serves is released; creating space for new beliefs, energies, and experiences – allowing LOVE to enter the heart space more freely. How beautiful is that?

Are you searching for answers, “who am I and why am I here”? Are there feelings of “there must be something more”? Through the journey of The Heart Experience™ explore the answers to these ageless questions; you are not alone. Feel and experience energy, the power of thought, words, beliefs and intentions. Discover beneficial tools and resources that can be used daily. Meet like minded people and the divine guides and helpers of the spiritual and nature realms that are here to assist and guide you in each and every moment. Re-connect with Mother/Father God/Creator/Spirit/ Source/All That is One – whatever you name the one Universal Life Force. Remember the master that you have been and are now. RECLAIM YOUR POWER!

Self empowerment and self mastery are here NOW for you to claim. It is yours to choose. Please check out our sites and make The Heart Experience™ journey your own:,,

With love and light,


Channeled Messages From Archangel Michael

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Dear and precious children of the Light, WE send you greetings and LOVE BEYOND MEASURE?LOVE WITHOUT LIMIT OR CONDITIONS. FEEL OUR LOVE NOW! Take one moment and BREATHE in and out through your nose. Quiet your thoughts for a few moments as you BREATHE. When you are comfortable allow yourself to receive for just a moment the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that is always there for you.

ASK us dear ones when you feel unloved, uncertain, fearful, or hopeless. ASK us to remind you that LOVE is the natural state of BEING. LOVE is what you are within your precious souls and spiritual beingness?your core essence is LOVE. REMEMBER, who you are and that ALL things are possible when you ASK for help from Mother-Father God/Creator/Spirit/Source/All That is ONE, whatever you name the ONE. ASK. You are not alone. Never have been, never will be. The only separation is that which you create in your minds. It is your choice through FREE WILL to return to your essence or not.

On the surface there seems to be great Chaos and despair. This is fact. We suggest that in order for change and transformation to occur, the old systems and beliefs must change. Rather than look at the negative in this situation find the blessing and be grateful for the opportunity to create something new that serves the highest light and the greatest good. The truth, dear and precious children of the Light, is that the resources in the Universe are limitless and available to you if you ASK for help from your heart space. Ask with LOVE and focus on serving the greatest good. When you ASK from this space all is possible.

There is HOPE dear and precious ones. There is HOPE that all will change. It begins with YOU. Open your hearts to receive UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Fill up with LOVE for yourself and others. When you are full so to speak you can give greatly and grandly to others. See others and what is around you in a different light. Look for the similarities and not the differences for truly WE are all ONE part of ONE Source and connected through our thoughts words and actions. Imagine a world of PEACE, JOY, LOVE, ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY; a world where everyone is HEALTHY, HAPPY, FREE AND IN HARMONY. When you visualize this world and hold this image in your mind and heart there is no room for the other. This dear children of the Universe is truth and in this truth know that change and transformation begins with YOU. If this is the world you choose to create and want to live in then begin now by seeing it whole and perfect. ASK US for help from your heart space, nothing is too small or too great. So be it and so it is.

This is all for now dear ones. WE hold you in our arms for you are precious and powerful beings of LIGHT and LOVE. Remember who you are. You are not alone. ASK in each and every moment. ASK. BE the masters that you are. Reclaim your power NOW!

It is with great JOY and LOVE that I speak for all in the Angelic and Ascended realms in this moment. It is I, Archangel Michael, the voice of many who speaks to you now.

Received Through…

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

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Healing Through Creative Expression

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Recently I facilitated a workshop designed to help a writer connect with his or her inner muse, the author within. The language I used for this audience was suited to writers but since the group was writing from a spiritual foundation the connection or, rather, “author within” was with the individual’s Higher Self or Higher Consciousness.

During the first part of the workshop the participant was to Meet the Author Within. Through guided visualization and meditation the participants experienced a releasing of stress, negative thoughts, blocks to writing, resistance to why they were not “good” writers and preconceptions of what it means to be an author. They journeyed until they made the inner connections. Minds and thoughts quieted and inner wisdom emerged. Amazing, isn’t it?

For those of you who practice meditation or have experience with guided visualization this is not surprising. The truth is we have all of the information that we need to know within us once we “let go” of our need to control outcomes, release our fears of failing or succeeding and try to “think too much” wanting to produce “the perfect result”. This has been shared for many years by those who meditate, follow more non-traditional paths of learning, study metaphysics and/or have reconnected to the Source of All That Is, the Source that is called by many names: God, Creator, Allah, Yaweh, Spirit, Universal Life Force and on and on.

During the writing exercise that followed, called Writing Out of the Box, the participants were amazed at what emerged. Profound wisdom and love from each writer were shared in the forms of both narrative and poetry. Comments like, “Wow, I can’t believe I wrote this,” “This touches my soul and heart; I feel it there,” “I’ve never written poetry before; this is amazing,” and “This flowed so easily, I can’t believe I wrote it; I’ve been blocked from writing anything for a while” filled the day.

We laughed, some had tears, and much joy and happiness was shared by every participant. Each one of us experienced a shift in our awareness and consciousness. Physically we felt shifts in our hearts through the entire experience that concluded with healing at many levels. This was best expressed by one of the participants when she said, “Through this workshop I opened my heart and experienced healing through the creative process of writing. I never imagined myself as a writer. I thought only other people can write, not me. I found that through the writing I connect with Spirit and Spirit’s wisdom and love shows through my poems. I am thankful for Victoria’s workshop and what it has revealed to me.”

One of the other participants said at the end of the day, “This experience and process can apply to any environment. It is not just beneficial for writers but all forms of wisdom can be accessed using this process.”

I am always reminded that God works in our lives each and every moment in amazing ways. The depth and level of healing that can take place when we allow it is incredible. The inner wisdom and love that flows when we allow it to emerge is humbling and uplifting. In this workshop participants experienced and expressed insight, wisdom and love through creative writing. Imagine attending a workshop thinking it is all about writing and being an author and then leaving the workshop with far more profound results!

If you are interested in attending one of Victoria’s workshops or want more information about Healing Through Creative Expression, please go to or contact Victoria for an appointment on 602-820-3126.

With LOVE and LIGHT,

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author
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