Mercury Retrograde: Change and Transformation

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Mercury Retrograde: An Invitation for Change and Transformation

Although I’m not an astrologer I know that Mercury is “in retrograde” again so I began to wonder what was happening energetically to many of us right now. I know that I have been feeling some personal shifts of change and transformation and I bet many of you have too. For some of you these shifts are pretty intense. For those of us born during Mercury’s retrograde we are affected differently. For example, for me, I have an incredible surge of creative energy and don’t seem to have enough time to “get all that’s inside out”! Whew!

2011, a universal year of the vibration of “4” energy, has brought forth opportunities to create foundations and structure. It also holds the compassionate and nurturing energy of “2” as well as the illuminator energy of “11”. 2011 presents many opportunities to prepare for great change and transformation in 2012 and invitations to “let go” of the past and “embrace” new things. Our experience is one of choice; do I embrace or resist?

The current mercury retrograde continues to provide opportunities to review and revise areas of our life. Since energies will continue to shift and change during this period it is probably a good idea to wait to make important decisions, if possible, until all information is sorted out when the retrograde ends.

Mercury also rules how we think. Remember to focus more from your heart. This time is perfect to continue centering practices with meditation, prayer and body movement for your thought forms are powerful creators. Be mindful of what you are creating in your life at this time. Are you choosing chaos or peace; love or fear? Imagine yourself in the calm eye of the storm as the energies swirl around you. As you are calm and centered others around you will be as well.
Through the change and transformation, allow your beautiful inner Light and Love to radiate. BE the beacon for others, bringing more Light into their lives just by your presence. You don’t have to Do anything just BE.

As a Transformative Guide, I am here to assist you in your change and transformation through these powerful times.

Please enjoy the added insights shared with me by Beloved Mary Magdalene.

With Great Love and Light,

Victoria helps you with change and transformation

Insights shared from The Magdalene on Change & Transformation:

“Yes, yes, we feel the swirling energies of change and transformation accelerating now. The planets align to support these shifts. Many who are sensitive will feel the shifts deeply within their physical bodies, emotions and thoughts. Now is a time with these energies shifting so quickly that it is more than ever essential to remain grounded; for it will be easy for some to swirl like whirlwinds and feel out of control. The truth is that it is all part of the divine plan.

Precious Mother Earth is accelerating and shifting her rotation; this in turn raises the frequency or vibration in her energetic field. The human body is like a microcosm of the macrocosm. In other words, the human form is a universe that is part of the larger universe(s). So life as we currently experience it is also shifting, changing and raising its frequencies regardless of its form.

Remain positive. Your thought forms are powerful sources of energy. It is essential to create that which is positive now. When the energies of fear, worry, doubt, and lethargy are felt; embrace them and offer great gratitude for it is in the conscious choice you make to release them that the shift will take place as you accept where you are and what you are experiencing in each moment. This is when consciousness grows and expands.

Ask for help to release all that no longer serves you and then allow yourself to bring in new positive thoughts/energies of love, peace, acceptance, joy, courage and action to replace the old energies. Remember that you are powerful creators. Thoughts attract. Be mindful of your words that are spoken for like the arrow they can sting when received. Create words of truth and that provide constructive help to others. Honor yourself and others with what is spoken always from a heart filled with love and compassion for it is love that transforms.

Embrace and accept the beauty of change and transformation. See it for the gift that it is. And so it is.”

Victoria Barna
Transformative Guide, Healer, Author

©2011 Victoria Barna

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