Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs Into The Cosmic Trash Bin

June 4, 2009 · Filed Under Spiritual Wisdom · Comment 

As I sit and ask for guidance today I am reminded that so many of us seem to be processing and releasing lots of “stuff” right now. I’m visualizing an infinite cosmic trash bin to dump the “stuff” in right now. Spirit reminded me that this is all perfect. It is time to release the last bits of all that no longer serves us and not “attach” to the processing. Embrace it with love and gratitude for what it shows us and then let it go and allow the process to complete.

It is time for us to “let go” of relying on logic and reason and move into our hearts and trust our Divine Guidance within. It is time to remember that we are powerful spiritual beings and release the limiting beliefs that we have accepted.

It is time for us to allow, own and accept that we are creators and have never been separated from Source in every fiber and cell of our being. Own what we are creating now by our thoughts, words and actions. Own that we can create change as well. It is time to “step up to the plate” and do our part to assist humanity and precious Mother Earth. What are you creating right now?

With Love and Light,