Reclaim Your Power Through Your Infinite Heart

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How do you Reclaim Your Power
through your Infinite Heart?

You might even wonder what the infinite heart is. Let me explain. Have you ever had an “AhHa” moment? You know the moments when all of a sudden something comes clear and the light bulb goes on so to speak? I recently attended a seminar where several light bulbs lit up for me!

I was sitting in the audience and listening to the speaker, Dr. Richard Bartlett, talk about going into the heart space. When we access information from our hearts we are in a neutral and expansive space. Another image that he shared was of the brain. I loved it. He invited us to think of the brain as the hardware in a computer and the infinite information that is available throughout time and space as the software.

The goal is to quiet our left brains so that our right brains can receive limitless information with the help of our highest self and guides, bringing the information into our heart space. I totally understood this and thought, this is what I recommend to clients, move from head and thought into the heart space. New language came to help explain the process.

I was tracking and then the AhHa came. Dr. Richard Bartlett went on to say, how many people really know what being in the heart feels like? All of a sudden I got it and thought, of course there are a lot of people who don’t know what being in the heart feels like. How do I know? I see many clients and know many subtle energy practitioners who have closed their hearts for a variety of reasons. Part of growth and expansion includes quieting thoughts and opening the heart space to receive infinite wisdom, knowledge and information that is available to everyone.

I began to think about how we access the heart space. Meditation certainly works to quiet thoughts and provides a way to enter the heart space and achieve inner stillness. For those of you who like to meditate, ENJOY! I personally find meditation enjoyable. When I’m in the quiet stillness of my inner sacred space I find answers and clarity. All is possible. Runners describe a similar feeling when they are in the “zone”. For those of you who find it more challenging to reach an inner stillness where infinite information is available to access I suggest trying the following:

First, think of an activity or something that you truly enjoy. For example, if you like to dance you can imagine a dance floor in the center of your chest, your heart space-a place that is not your physical heart but one that some might call your “high heart”. Now, imagine dancing down into your heart space. How fun! Begin at the top of your head through your brain, down your neck and through your throat into your chest arriving at the dance floor of your choice.

Feel the amazing joy and peace once you arrive. Know that this feeling is yours to always access. It is a tangible way to move from your head and thought to an inner sacred space where thought can quiet easily. You might find dancing is not your favorite so pick something you love like cooking, skiing, running, meeting a loved one, or performing on stage! Use your imagination to create something that is uniquely yours!

Yes, it is yours to own and create. The information, wisdom, and knowledge that is available for you to access is limitless. Before you begin your descent into your infinite heart create an intention, ask a question, or ask the universe or God what serves your greatest good to know right now. Remember, all is possible when limitations are released. Journal what comes after your quiet experience and be delighted and amazed!

I love to journey with people who are ready to reclaim their power; people who remember that each one of us is a creator, creating in each and every moment — creating our own realities; people who are ready to grow and expand their awareness and consciousness and may not know exactly how to move forward; as well as people who are ready to shift, change and transform. Where is your journey taking you?

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