Mary Magdalene: Trust Your Inner Voice – You Are Never Alone!

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Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

Greetings, Beloved Children of the universes. It is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. It is I who holds you in my arms and sends LOVE beyond all measure. Please accept what I freely give.

How are you feeling? We feel that many of you are conflicted. Part of you is ready to change and another part of you holds onto the safety of what you know and what is comfortable. Is this true for you? Are you feeling that there is something more and you aren’t fulfilled?

If these feelings are what you are experiencing, then you are right where you are supposed to be.

This is a time of invitation to step out and take that great leap of faith—trust what your own inner voice is whispering to you. Yes, you may not know where it will lead once you leap; however, for your life to change and become what you are waiting for it to be you must take the first step.

Trust. You are never alone. Ask for help. Release the belief, need or desire that you must have all of the answers and know the outcome right now. Allow for the unfolding and self-discovery. The journey is the destination.

Universally we are moving into an energy of deep contemplation. This is an inner journey and one that only you can explore. Seek the answers within. Breathe deeply learning to quiet your mind, whether you are in your sacred space at home or out in nature. Take this time to reflect.

  • What is calling you?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What are you willing to change in your life?

Only you can answer these questions and the others that will appear as you go within. As the answers begin to appear, trust, have faith. Leap if you so dare.

We are always with you. Know how much you are loved. And so it is.

With Great Love

Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna
Life Coach, Author & Speaker
©Victoria Barna, Channeled October 14, 2013

Trust You are Never Alone