Channeled Message: Beloved Mary Magdalene

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As I evolve and open more to higher knowing and consciousness I feel blessed as messages that I feel are divinely guided come to me. I was encouraged that today’s message was meant for many and not me alone so I wanted to share this beautiful guidance from Mary Magdalene. I am humbled and honored to feel such unconditional love; love that is available for all of us to receive in each and every moment. Enjoy.

With great light and love,


Channeled Message

“It is with great joy and love in my heart that I speak with you now. Always remember how supported you are. Many of you have stepped into and now own and are committed to your life purpose. We are grateful and encouraged to see many of you doing this. We understand and appreciate the challenge this is in these dense energies of the earth planet. You give us hope and we are now shifting the energies in a more positive way for humanity and the earth. Hallellujah!

It is time now for greater expansion and awareness. It is time for more wisdom to be shared with many in different ways. It is time for the oneness of All to grow and expand and awaken within many more. This is your time. This is the time for your work and your contributions to prevail. It is not to be said that it is to be done alone.

You are moving in the right direction the direction of collaboration for too often it is believed that one person can shift and change the masses. This has been true as we have seen throughout history on this planet like our beloved Jesus and Buddha as well as Ghandi and Mother Teresa; His Holiness the Dhali Llama and others. This is no longer the case. Collaboration will ensure that more strength is gathered. When two or more are present then miracles are made. Keep going dear ones, keep going.

Many of you are receiving clear guidance now. Remain open for what is to come. Remain flexible. There is coming a great shift. This is not what you expect. Allow yourself to “know” the truth of all that is coming and know that you are receiving guidance from your highest knowing, from Source. Remain in each moment dear ones.

This is all for now. Believe. And so it is.”

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Author & Publisher

©Victoria Barna, July 31, 2010