Mary Magdalene Shares To Embrace Life

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Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Mary MagdaleneBeloved Children of the universes, it is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. It is I who freely sends LOVE beyond all measure to you now. Please take a moment and close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out and pause. Give yourself permission to open your hearts and receive that which I freely give.

Excellent. Now let us begin.

Many of you are losing friends and loved ones at this time, are you not? This transitional time is as it should be. Each one of you is invited to choose the reality in which you dwell. For most of you your realities shift and change billions of times daily. Your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions equal your reality. When one of these variables changes, then so does your reality.

Having said that, this does not diminish the feelings that you experience since what is familiar no longer exists. You may experience feelings of anger, sadness, sorrow, grief, depression and other emotions until you begin to accept your new reality that no longer is shared with a friend or loved one.

On the earth plane you may relate to this shift as a cycle of life: Death, Rebirth. For, in essence, you are rebirthing your consciousness into a new reality each time you “let go” of something including people, places, or things.

How do you navigate through these losses? Each one of you is unique and individual and will find your own way.

We suggest that you consider:

  • Embrace life and live each moment of life fully in this moment NOW.
  • Let go of expected outcomes.
  • Allow for the unexpected and magical.
  • Open your hearts to all life and to your Divine nature. No separation exists. You are created from the one Source of all that was, is, and ever will be.
  • Love and accept your brilliance and perfection.
  • Be kind and compassionate with yourself and others.
  • Trust. You are not alone.
  • All is possible.

This is all for now, Dear Ones. And so it is.

With Great Love

Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna
Life Coach, Author & Speaker
©Victoria Barna, Channeled October 9, 2013

Embrace Life with Mary Magdalene