Becoming a Trance Channel and Shifting Vibrational Frequencies

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Hi there!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted messages other than my channeled Insights & Reflections. This past year and a half has been quite a journey for me as I’m sure it has been for many of you as well. My journey includes becoming a Trance Channel.

Although I’ve channeled for years now I’ve connected with a new group of unseen friends called Luminus and others in the unseen realms. In reality these friends tell me that they have no name but understand that it helps me to have a name for them! I love their humor as well as their love and support.

Here is a channeled message shared by Luminus:

“We are Luminus, 7 light beings from another dimensional realm. We wish to speak today of some of the shifts and changes many of you are experiencing in your physical bodies. We understand that many of you are experiencing a lot of physical discomfort.

In most cases we will say that the discomfort that is felt is a result of individuals shifting their vibrational frequencies and as a result great releasing of old habits, beliefs, emotions and life experiences are being felt in the physical body and released. This may include feelings of nausea, fatigue, physical weakness; emotional release; flu like symptoms; memories, pain, dizziness as well as other symptoms.

Symptoms will vary depending on each individual’s journey, courage and willingness to dive into the unknown and continue on your path of personal growth and remembering. Some of you may find comfort in seeking a doctor’s opinion for this is a choice you must make for yourself. If this choice provides comfort then we suggest you follow your instincts. Others will recognize this processing for what it is. Know that you are not alone. The length of time you may experience these or other symptoms will vary.

We want to assure you; however, these symptoms will leave. As you navigate these experiences – for some it may be your 1st experience – please use the tools you find helpful. Work with your High Self and unseen friends and guides. Ask for their help. Remember, their resources are limitless!

Remain open to receive guidance and healing. This is a great opportunity to surrender and trust rather than resist. Be gentle with yourself and listen to your body. We encourage you to ask, ‘What is the best self-care I can give myself right now?’

Once again, we are Luminus and send our love to each one of you.”

Victoria Barna, MA
Trance Channel, Healer & Author
©Victoria Barna

Mary Magdalene: Let Go – Now Is All There Is

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Channeled Messages from Mary Magdalene

Spiritual Awakening

Beloved and Precious Children of the Universe(s), it is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. It is I who sends LOVE beyond all measure. Please accept what I freely give.

NOW is all there is. We understand the tendency for some of you to dwell in the past or focus on the future. Let go and allow All That Is, Was and Ever Will Be to guide and assist you as your soul awakens to your own Divine nature. Release the belief that this is separate from you. Allow for the full integration of all that you are to occur NOW.

This life experience is the most important one. Live each moment as though it were your last. If your life is not what you wish it to be, then choose to change the choices you are making. Yes, it is that simple and for many of you that complex.

Create simplicity in your life. Invite joy and happiness into each moment. Live your life joyfully and celebrate each moment for that is all there is.

We have said this before: “The choice you make in this moment will determine your experience in the next moment and thus the future is created.” The past is just that, the past. You can’t go back; however, you can learn from the experience. Let go and allow.

And so it is.

Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna, MA
Best-Selling Author & QHHT Practitioner
©Victoria Barna, Channeled June 25, 2014

Mary Magdalene: Behold the Light that shines brightly within you!

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Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Spiritual Awakening

Beloved and Precious Children of the Universe(s), it is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. It is I who sends LOVE beyond all measure. Please accept what I freely give.

Behold the Light that shines brightly within you! This is the beacon that leads you Home to your true and authentic self—LOVE. Would you like to become more acquainted with this Light?

If so, then please sit quietly and close your eyes. Breathe normally. Bring your awareness inward to your heartspace and notice your breath. Feel your body relax. Allow your thoughts to quiet for a few moments. Breathe. Relax. Allow your body to settle even more. Feel your shoulders relaxing.

As you relax imagine an inner light shining deep within your heartspace. Imagine it glowing brighter and clearer as it reaches every cell, atom, particle and fiber of your physical body. Notice how you feel. Accept and allow. Now take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness to your physical body. Do you notice a difference? Breathe normally for a few more moments and experience what your body is feeling more completely. Are you still aware of the Light within you?

Now it’s time to return to your physical space. Take a few deep breaths and notice how you feel. Bring your awareness to the experience of the Light shining within you. Do you feel different? If not, it’s okay. This Light is always within you for you are a spark of the one Source of All That Was, Is and Ever Will Be.

Please practice and experience this exercise frequently and embrace the beautiful Light within you. Notice what happens over time.

Remember, Precious Children of this Universe, Light and Love are yours for eternity. The one Source of all creation is LOVE. You are LOVE.

And so it is.

Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna, MA
Best-Selling Author & QHHT Practitioner
©Victoria Barna, Channeled June 23, 2014

Channeled Message: Beloved Mary Magdalene

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As I evolve and open more to higher knowing and consciousness I feel blessed as messages that I feel are divinely guided come to me. I was encouraged that today’s message was meant for many and not me alone so I wanted to share this beautiful guidance from Mary Magdalene. I am humbled and honored to feel such unconditional love; love that is available for all of us to receive in each and every moment. Enjoy.

With great light and love,


Channeled Message

“It is with great joy and love in my heart that I speak with you now. Always remember how supported you are. Many of you have stepped into and now own and are committed to your life purpose. We are grateful and encouraged to see many of you doing this. We understand and appreciate the challenge this is in these dense energies of the earth planet. You give us hope and we are now shifting the energies in a more positive way for humanity and the earth. Hallellujah!

It is time now for greater expansion and awareness. It is time for more wisdom to be shared with many in different ways. It is time for the oneness of All to grow and expand and awaken within many more. This is your time. This is the time for your work and your contributions to prevail. It is not to be said that it is to be done alone.

You are moving in the right direction the direction of collaboration for too often it is believed that one person can shift and change the masses. This has been true as we have seen throughout history on this planet like our beloved Jesus and Buddha as well as Ghandi and Mother Teresa; His Holiness the Dhali Llama and others. This is no longer the case. Collaboration will ensure that more strength is gathered. When two or more are present then miracles are made. Keep going dear ones, keep going.

Many of you are receiving clear guidance now. Remain open for what is to come. Remain flexible. There is coming a great shift. This is not what you expect. Allow yourself to “know” the truth of all that is coming and know that you are receiving guidance from your highest knowing, from Source. Remain in each moment dear ones.

This is all for now. Believe. And so it is.”

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Author & Publisher

©Victoria Barna, July 31, 2010

Channeled Message from Ascended and Angelic Realms

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Glory be and Hallelujah! It is that time of year where once again reasons for celebration are brought into consciousness through many traditions, is it not? It is a time of year where PEACE ON EARTH is a common message shared by many. It is the time of year where we are called upon to remember why we are here and focus on, even for just a moment, a greater purpose. For some, it is a time of year that brings forth a desire and willingness to help others. It is also a time of year where we are asked to recall the many blessings that have come to us; reasons to be grateful. It is a time of year for reflection; what has worked for us well and what choices will we make in the coming new year?

For many it is a time of year for renewed HOPE. Dear ones, with all that has been created during 2008 that appears as chaos, doom and gloom, fear, uncertainty and for some maybe even hopelessness, WE ask you to persevere. The ability to change and transform resides within each one of you. The ability to BE a ray of HOPE and LIGHT for others resides within each and every one of you. It is within each person on this earth the ability to affect great change. PEACE BEGINS WITHIN! When you are at PEACE within yourself it will radiate outward. You will be surprised how other people will respond to you more positively. How can fear, anger, resentment, hate and bitterness flourish when PEACE is present? Isn’t PEACE a state of being that most yearn for? Isn’t PEACE a state of being that we ask others to create for us? Isn’t it time to realize that NOW we can make a personal choice to create PEACE within us? Truly this is the only thing we can control, ourselves and our choices, is it not?

Dear ones, during this time of year where most traditions and people WISH and HOPE for PEACE ON EARTH, why not RECLAIM YOUR OWN POWER and take the first step? CREATE PEACE ON EARTH, beginning with YOU. You are fully supported by the universe in this creation. It is your CHOICE. WE LOVE you beyond measure dear and precious children of the Universe. Focus in this New Year on similarities and not differences. Rally behind your new leaders and support positive changes. Create PEACE within and watch it grow. ASK us for help for you are not alone.

We in the Ascended and Angelic realms are grateful
to Victoria, a powerful listener and channel, for sharing
our message with you NOW!

Received Through…

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

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