How One Person Can Make A Difference

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How can ONE person make a difference?

Too often I hear, “I’m just one person. How can I make a difference?” As I reflected back on October’s awareness of new beginnings, I realized that all of us are invited to BE an Act of One.

During 2012, this universal year of change and transformation, each of us has been given opportunities to review what’s working in our lives and what’s not working. We have many chances to make individual choices… to make a difference.

2012, for some of you, may have seemed chaotic at times. For others it may have felt like the ride of your life. For me clearly it has been a time of inner reflection and “letting go” of some things that weren’t serving me anymore as well as opening up to new possibilities! WooHoo! In my wildest dreams I never could have predicted I would be authoring someone else’s true story!

What does it mean to be an Act of One? It can mean many things. Does it have to be something big? No. An Act of One comes from your heart. It can be your personal vision of how to improve something that you go after in spite of obstacles.

For some of you an Act of One could mean mending fences in relationships. For others it could mean taking a leap of faith and pursuing your heart’s desire without a clue about how you are going to make it happen. Still others might want to reveal their true selves, their authentic selves, every day rather than what others would expect them to be revealing. It varies. The point is to find your own way.

“Let Bruce Tully take you back to a time when America’s
greatness was tested by a bold reach into the heavens. The power
of this story lies in witnessing Tully’s own transformation
from the teenager sitting in the visitor’s gallery of the United
Nations wearing jeans and a varsity jacket into the young man
in a Brooks Brothers’ suit addressing Congress.”

— Andrew Chaikin, author of A Man on the Moon

“Using his own awareness, strength and perseverance, Dr. Bruce
Tully’s amazing creative adventure gives us a living historical
chronicle which could inspire anyone, or everyone who reads
this book, to a great ACT OF ONE.”

— Suzy Jimerson-Overholt, Editor

Join Bruce on his courageous journey as a gifted high school jock emerging from the “blue collar ghettos” of New Jersey, inspiring each one of us to make a difference and to BE an Act of One.

I Make a Difference!

I want to change some things.
Some are big and others seem small.

How do I go about it?

What if I fail?

I learn to trust my intuition,
the feelings buried in my center, in my gut.

I learn to trust my heart.
I learn to trust what I know is right for me.

I learn to open my heart in LOVE.
I make a choice to BE an Act of One!

I trust the next steps are being revealed.

©2012 Victoria Barna

Make A Difference by Inspiring Greatness


Believe In Yourself, all it takes is an Act of One to make a difference!