My Awakening Is Mine

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Inspirational Reflections


My Awakening Is Mine

My journey of awakening is unique.
No two journeys are alike.
We may meet
and travel together in one moment
and then we part.
For the time we traveled together I am grateful.

Victoria Barna
©2015 & Beyond


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My Awakening Is Mine

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Mary Magdalene: Journey of Spiritual Awakening

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Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Spiritual Awakening

Beloved and Precious Children of the Universe(s), it is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. It is I who surrounds you and sends you LOVE beyond all measure. Please accept what I freely give.

We have entered a significant period in Earth’s history. It is a time for great spiritual awakening and yet, opposing forces continue to create challenges to this awakening.

Among those of you who have volunteered to come and be here at this time, we call you “Way Showers”. You “Way Showers” embrace the challenges—persevering and overcoming them so those people can, through their own experiences of re-awakening, be able to assist you with your own journeys of spiritual awakening.

Many of you wonder why you are here on this beautiful planet called Earth. Simply put, you chose to be here in a physical body at this time. You chose the experiences you are having right now with the people who are in your life.

You came as an eternal, Divine and limitless Spirit residing within a physical body to help others and remember that you are both Divine and human, bringing into form what you create and that you are not separate from God. We all continue to grow and expand our Consciousness through these experiences.

Think of yourself as a micro-version of ALL That Was, Is and Ever Will Be. Within you resides all of the answers you seek. You are the Universe. You are limitless. It is time to “let go” of any beliefs that you are not. You are more than you think.

Live each moment to the fullest. Be happy and filled with joy in each moment.

Live and love from your heart.

This is the only moment that is real, right now. It is time to remember!

And so it is.

With Great Love,

Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna, MA
Best-Selling Author & QHHT Practitioner
©Victoria Barna, Channeled May 30, 2014


Awakening Experience #1- Entering the Infinite Heartspace

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Entering the Infinite Heartspace

Create a personal intention for what you want to experience during this time. Find a place where you know you won’t be interrupted for 15 to 30 minutes. This can be indoors or outdoors. Make sure you are comfortable and have some water to sip.

Now, take a few sips of your water. Close your eyes. Begin to take some clearing and relaxing breaths. Remember that you have no right or wrong way to do this. Breathe in through your nose all that’s new and fresh and breathe out through your mouth all that is stale and toxic including tension and stress. Continue to breathe like this until you feel your heartbeat calming and slowing down. Feel your shoulders relaxing and dropping because you are releasing tension and stress.

Awakening Infinite HeartSpace

Imagine your favorite thing to do or favorite place to be. What brings you the most joy? For example, if you love being by the water, imagine your favorite water place in the middle of your chest. Is it a waterfall, lake, river, pond, fountain or the ocean? Imagine it in the middle of your chest just above your ribs and below your collar bone.

Now that you have chosen your favorite place and can imagine it in the center of your chest (your heartspace and infinite heart) continue to breathe. Find your own rhythm as you begin your journey from the top of your head to your favorite place that brings you joy–your infinite heart. Imagine traveling the path downward and notice what’s different. Move into your heartspace, your infinite heart, and feel the joy it brings to you. Allow yourself to BE joy-filled.

Know that you are safe and allow yourself to feel the infinite and expansive space of your heart. Allow wonder, love and joy to emerge. Ahhhhh. When you are ready you can return to your conscious mind by taking two or three more breaths and slowly opening your eyes. Feel your body. Move your neck, shoulders and spine gently. Rub your arms and legs. Stretch and return to now. Sip some water and, if you like, write down what you notice that’s different from your experience. Don’t think. Just write. What did you notice?

The more you practice, the more you will notice and feel. Moving into your infinite heart will become easier each time. You can ask a question before you begin or in the moment ask God or your guides to show you what unconditional love feels like in the space of your infinite heart. Enjoy being amazed.

With Great Love & Light,

Victoria Barna
©2012 & Beyond

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Awakening Your Infinite Heart

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In the light of dawn and the dark of night
I feel the yearning in my heart.
Rejoice, for as the light grows brighter from within
I find all that I seek.

What does it mean for one to awaken?

First, the awakening that takes place within the heartspace is more metaphorical. It is not necessarily the physical heart muscle, although the heart muscle is conscious just as every part of our being is conscious.

We associate the heart with emotions and love. We speak of broken hearts, mending hearts, open hearts, grieving hearts and loving hearts in everyday experiences. Some may even call this place soul, life force and essence.

Imagine a neutral and expansive heartspace. Physically feel it in the center of your chest, below the collar bone and above the rib cage. Feel it clear and centered. It is here when thoughts are quiet and minds are silent that infinite wisdom, cosmic information and knowledge and answers to our greatest questions can be received and understood clearly.

Infinite information is available to guide, assist and inform in each moment if our conscious minds are quiet enough so that information can filter through and be sorted out. This is when meditation and other tools to help quiet the mind are helpful and useful.

The Infinite Heart is neutral and expansive!

How do you know when you are awakening?

Some people have described it: “I feel restless but I don’t know what it is.” “I have an amazing life but I know there is something more.” “My life is blessed. I know it. I want to give back but I don’t know how.” “I feel as though I’m supposed to do something more with my life. I want to make a contribution, a difference, and I’m not sure what it looks like.”

Your experience is yours.
Embrace and own it!

Age doesn’t seem to be a factor. Comparable comments have been made by people in their twenties as well as their sixties and older. Each person’s journey of awakening is an individual one.

A person chooses this awakening at precisely the time it’s felt and the experience develops. Divine it is and it’s in divine timing.

Have you ever found yourself wishing that your awakening had happened earlier?

I did, and I realized that I chose the time for my own awakening and also chose the other types of experiences to create the foundation that would best support my life purpose and journey along the way.

Practical tools are available for everyone’s use. Astrology, numerology, subtle energy practices, QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and breath work, to name a few, are available to help quiet racing thoughts and bring awareness into the conscious mind. All of these practices provide helpful ways to move into your heartspace more easily where answers and inner peace can be found—a place where feeling centered and grateful feel natural.

Help is available.
You are never alone.

If your journey has been an evolving and transformational one, you can think of it as a spiral and not a straight line going directly from point A to point B. Through the awakening process, like the spiral, imagine that there is no ending but only a deeper level of awakening taking place.

The analogy of peeling an onion which has many layers is also used to explain this process.

The spiral image is perfect since it has no ending and it has no beginning. On the spiral you are just at a different point on the spiral.

As a conscious choice to expand and grow is made limited thinking, beliefs, habits and expectations are released.

Remember who you’ve been and remember who you are. Remember who you’ve always been and why you’re here.

You are a creator
who creates in each and every moment.
Consciously choose to expand and grow.

When awakening begins we may remember that we have no separation from the Divine. We begin to know that the Divine can be and is described by many names which include God, Creator, Spirit, All That Is/Was/and Ever Will Be, the ONE, or Allah. No name is all-inclusive. Many people have no name at all to describe the Divine.

It really doesn’t matter what you call the ONE Source of All. Here we’ll use the name of God to describe the ONE Source. Please insert your own name for the Divine and ONE Source, the one that is most comfortable for you when you see the name of God used.

We are not separate from God.

The Divine ONE Source

is known by many names

and the Divine,

the ONE Source

can be known by no name.

As the journey of awakening begins it may seem confusing at first. You may feel as though you don’t know what to do next or how to get clear answers. This is when getting in touch with your heart’s desire helps. It’s not uncommon to hear, “I can’t meditate; it’s too hard for me to focus; I don’t have time; or I don’t have a quiet space where I’m not interrupted.”

To assist you during the awakening process we will be sharing, on our next two blog posts, different Opening Experiences to help you move into your infinite heartspace and feel its expansiveness.

and let go
of what you believe
the outcome is.

You are more than you think!

With Great Love & Light,

Victoria Barna
©2012 & Beyond

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