What You Believe Will Be Created!

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“What we ask of you, however, is to go deep within to the quiet and stillness and ask, “What do I truly desire?” Yes, what is your heart’s desire? Understand that God and the universe wish for you to have what you truly desire. There is enough abundance of resources for all human beings to live prosperously.”

Reclaim Your Power ©2009

I was pleasantly surprised this morning as I opened my book, Reclaim Your Power and this statement jumped right off of the page! I took it as a wonderful confirmation. I believe we are all creators and we create our own realities.

I found it humorous and no surprise that the reason for writing this announcement for a new program that I’m offering called Fun, Fit & Fabulous Awaken, Discover and Create Your Heart’s Desire uses some wonderful tools that come from a collaboration that I’ve been involved in with Gisela Arenas, K. Allen Kay, and Michelle Radomski. It resulted in a program called Heart’s Desire Awaken, Discover, Create.

Recently I’ve been revisiting my second book Reclaim Your Power An Evolving Journey of Choice and Transformation. I find that most of my clients and I are in some stage of remembering and owning who we are and always have been! I realize that my own journey of growth clearly has been one of making conscious choices and through the choices I’ve made change and transformation have taken place.

Like many people, I have journeyed with health and fitness throughout the years. I’ve done my fair share of dieting as well. Success has been fleeting and there have been moments of wonder and shouts of WooHoo!

What I’ve come to understand is that having Fun, feeling Fit & Fabulous is not about losing weight, rather it is an approach to being in a conscious and right relationship with your Body, Mind, and Spirit. I have found that there is no separation, when one is out of balance others can be out of balance. Once again it’s a matter of conscious choices.

Join me and Dr. Katka Novakova, ND, MD on April 30th at Storm Wisdom as we kick off a 21 day journey of awakening, discovering and creating your Heart’s Desire while having Fun, feeling Fit & Fabulous.

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With Great Light & Love,

©Victoria Barna, M.A., April 2011