Thanksgiving Wishes

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The holidays are here and with all of the hustle and bustle we can find ourselves exhausted and stressed. I find that if I take a few minutes for myself and breathe deeply and visualize my stress leaving me then I begin to remember what I’m grateful for including the little things. I notice I begin to relax and feel more energized. A walk outdoors also works as I notice the beauty that surrounds me giving thanks for my life right now.

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving or other occasions right now I hold the light of love and peace for each one of you as I feel it within me.

With great Love and Gratitude,

“You are more than you think”


You are the co-creator…

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Channeled Messages from Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene - Faith

Greetings beloved children of the universe. It is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now and sends you LOVE beyond all measure. Please accept what is freely given.

This is a transitional time on the Earth plane, is it not? It is a time for death and rebirth for many of you. You are being invited to explore current careers, relationships, beliefs, activities; where you live, health, and so much more right now. There are no wrong or right choices as you take time and evaluate what serves your highest good and what is ready to release.

Choose consciously, dear ones, for in your choice your next experience will be created, yes?

Remember, that the present moment and choice is all that is important. Release the past, vision the future while letting go of how it will come; and remain in the present. Your choice right now is all there is!

Acknowledge the blessings in your life. Too often celebrating these is overlooked.

Then ask, “What else do I want to create in my life?”

You are the co-creator. Have fun! Remember!

Mary Magdalene through Victoria Barna, MA
Channeled August 13th, 2015

Victoria’s Reflection

I have been channeling The Magdalene for several years as well as many other unseen friends. In all of this time I haven’t really shared my own reflections as a result of these messages. I’ve noticed that they are always timely and touch me very deeply. I guess this is all part of my own growth and claiming me, isn’t it? Here goes.

As I feel the truth of this shared wisdom I see how it is happening in my life right now. I definitely am going through a death and rebirth of sorts. How about you? I have to say I’ve felt resistance; sadness to some degree for the parts of my life that I’m releasing; excitement and anticipation for whatever is coming; and of course, for me, the ongoing desire within me that wants to know what’s coming and when. Ha. Ha.

Have I figured it all out? Absolutely not. This stage of my journey continues to unfold. I am claiming me in ways that I haven’t before. I’m clearer about what I want to co-create in my life. I am integrating all of me and my gifts like channeling, healing, and intuitive insights into my writing and client interactions in deeper ways. I have more moments of total acceptance and trust that all is well.

What continues to help me navigate these new and uncharted waters is creating quiet time for me which helps as I call on my High Self and unseen friends. Questions I ask include:

  • Who do I wish to become?
  • What more do I want to co-create in my life?
  • What in my life is no longer serving me and is ready to release?
  • How can I speak my truth with more love, compassion, and kindness?
  • How can I help others?
  • How can I express myself with emotion/feeling and not suppress how I feel?
  • How do I want people to know me?
  • What is mine to know about claiming me?

These are just a few of the questions I’ve asked myself as I continue to evolve, grow, accept, claim, and integrate all of me. Does this make sense? I hope they help or may trigger some new insight for you.

As always, please take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind.

I would love to hear about your experience if you would like to share.

Sending love beyond all measure,

Victoria Barna
Best-Selling Author & QHHT Practitioner
©Victoria Barna


Awakening Experience #1- Entering the Infinite Heartspace

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Entering the Infinite Heartspace

Create a personal intention for what you want to experience during this time. Find a place where you know you won’t be interrupted for 15 to 30 minutes. This can be indoors or outdoors. Make sure you are comfortable and have some water to sip.

Now, take a few sips of your water. Close your eyes. Begin to take some clearing and relaxing breaths. Remember that you have no right or wrong way to do this. Breathe in through your nose all that’s new and fresh and breathe out through your mouth all that is stale and toxic including tension and stress. Continue to breathe like this until you feel your heartbeat calming and slowing down. Feel your shoulders relaxing and dropping because you are releasing tension and stress.

Awakening Infinite HeartSpace

Imagine your favorite thing to do or favorite place to be. What brings you the most joy? For example, if you love being by the water, imagine your favorite water place in the middle of your chest. Is it a waterfall, lake, river, pond, fountain or the ocean? Imagine it in the middle of your chest just above your ribs and below your collar bone.

Now that you have chosen your favorite place and can imagine it in the center of your chest (your heartspace and infinite heart) continue to breathe. Find your own rhythm as you begin your journey from the top of your head to your favorite place that brings you joy–your infinite heart. Imagine traveling the path downward and notice what’s different. Move into your heartspace, your infinite heart, and feel the joy it brings to you. Allow yourself to BE joy-filled.

Know that you are safe and allow yourself to feel the infinite and expansive space of your heart. Allow wonder, love and joy to emerge. Ahhhhh. When you are ready you can return to your conscious mind by taking two or three more breaths and slowly opening your eyes. Feel your body. Move your neck, shoulders and spine gently. Rub your arms and legs. Stretch and return to now. Sip some water and, if you like, write down what you notice that’s different from your experience. Don’t think. Just write. What did you notice?

The more you practice, the more you will notice and feel. Moving into your infinite heart will become easier each time. You can ask a question before you begin or in the moment ask God or your guides to show you what unconditional love feels like in the space of your infinite heart. Enjoy being amazed.

With Great Love & Light,

Victoria Barna
©2012 & Beyond

p.s. Next week Awakening Experience #2 – A Guided Journey into Awakening; Please SHARE our article and any comments below about your Infinite Heartspace experience.

Awakening Your Infinite Heart

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In the light of dawn and the dark of night
I feel the yearning in my heart.
Rejoice, for as the light grows brighter from within
I find all that I seek.

What does it mean for one to awaken?

First, the awakening that takes place within the heartspace is more metaphorical. It is not necessarily the physical heart muscle, although the heart muscle is conscious just as every part of our being is conscious.

We associate the heart with emotions and love. We speak of broken hearts, mending hearts, open hearts, grieving hearts and loving hearts in everyday experiences. Some may even call this place soul, life force and essence.

Imagine a neutral and expansive heartspace. Physically feel it in the center of your chest, below the collar bone and above the rib cage. Feel it clear and centered. It is here when thoughts are quiet and minds are silent that infinite wisdom, cosmic information and knowledge and answers to our greatest questions can be received and understood clearly.

Infinite information is available to guide, assist and inform in each moment if our conscious minds are quiet enough so that information can filter through and be sorted out. This is when meditation and other tools to help quiet the mind are helpful and useful.

The Infinite Heart is neutral and expansive!

How do you know when you are awakening?

Some people have described it: “I feel restless but I don’t know what it is.” “I have an amazing life but I know there is something more.” “My life is blessed. I know it. I want to give back but I don’t know how.” “I feel as though I’m supposed to do something more with my life. I want to make a contribution, a difference, and I’m not sure what it looks like.”

Your experience is yours.
Embrace and own it!

Age doesn’t seem to be a factor. Comparable comments have been made by people in their twenties as well as their sixties and older. Each person’s journey of awakening is an individual one.

A person chooses this awakening at precisely the time it’s felt and the experience develops. Divine it is and it’s in divine timing.

Have you ever found yourself wishing that your awakening had happened earlier?

I did, and I realized that I chose the time for my own awakening and also chose the other types of experiences to create the foundation that would best support my life purpose and journey along the way.

Practical tools are available for everyone’s use. Astrology, numerology, subtle energy practices, QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation and breath work, to name a few, are available to help quiet racing thoughts and bring awareness into the conscious mind. All of these practices provide helpful ways to move into your heartspace more easily where answers and inner peace can be found—a place where feeling centered and grateful feel natural.

Help is available.
You are never alone.

If your journey has been an evolving and transformational one, you can think of it as a spiral and not a straight line going directly from point A to point B. Through the awakening process, like the spiral, imagine that there is no ending but only a deeper level of awakening taking place.

The analogy of peeling an onion which has many layers is also used to explain this process.

The spiral image is perfect since it has no ending and it has no beginning. On the spiral you are just at a different point on the spiral.

As a conscious choice to expand and grow is made limited thinking, beliefs, habits and expectations are released.

Remember who you’ve been and remember who you are. Remember who you’ve always been and why you’re here.

You are a creator
who creates in each and every moment.
Consciously choose to expand and grow.

When awakening begins we may remember that we have no separation from the Divine. We begin to know that the Divine can be and is described by many names which include God, Creator, Spirit, All That Is/Was/and Ever Will Be, the ONE, or Allah. No name is all-inclusive. Many people have no name at all to describe the Divine.

It really doesn’t matter what you call the ONE Source of All. Here we’ll use the name of God to describe the ONE Source. Please insert your own name for the Divine and ONE Source, the one that is most comfortable for you when you see the name of God used.

We are not separate from God.

The Divine ONE Source

is known by many names

and the Divine,

the ONE Source

can be known by no name.

As the journey of awakening begins it may seem confusing at first. You may feel as though you don’t know what to do next or how to get clear answers. This is when getting in touch with your heart’s desire helps. It’s not uncommon to hear, “I can’t meditate; it’s too hard for me to focus; I don’t have time; or I don’t have a quiet space where I’m not interrupted.”

To assist you during the awakening process we will be sharing, on our next two blog posts, different Opening Experiences to help you move into your infinite heartspace and feel its expansiveness.

and let go
of what you believe
the outcome is.

You are more than you think!

With Great Love & Light,

Victoria Barna
©2012 & Beyond

If so guided, please SHARE our article and any comments below about your Awakening Experiences.

Heartspace and The Infinite Heart

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Heartspace: The Infinite Heart

The heartspace is where the greatest change and transformation take place for the heartspace, when open, holds no attachment. When the heartspace is open and decisions are made from the limitless available information, all is possible.  It is here one gains true personal  power. It is here that true healing takes place and wisdom resides.

The journey of remembering and letting go is an inner journey. This is true transformation.

What Is Heartspace: The Infinite Heart?

Why is the Infinite Heart important?

What role does the brain play in all of this?

When my thoughts are quiet and stillness is reached I have access to wisdom, information and knowledge from limitless fields of information including my intuition, guidance from spiritual realms and other dimensions.

When I began to explore what I am calling The Infinite Heart to see what science is saying about the heartspace I found that HeartMath Research Center, Institute of HeartMath, Publication No. 01-001, in Boulder Creek, California, presented the following insights in 2001:
Four Ways the Heart Communicates with the Brain:

  • Neurologically (Nerves)
  • Biochemically (Hormones)
  • Biophysically (Pressure Waves)
  • Energetically (Electromagnetic Fields)

More from HeartMath about the Heart:

  • It is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body.
  • Its electrical field is sixty times greater in amplitude than electrical activity generated by the brain.
  • Its magnetic field is five thousand times greater in strength than the magnetic field of the brain.
  • Its electromagnetic signals affect others.
  • Heart-focused feelings like love and appreciation help the brain entrain with the heart.

So, what does this mean to me?

What intrigued me was the information that describes how much more powerful the heart is than the brain. In fact, it is the energy field of the heart that is most delightful to me as a practitioner of subtle energies as I work with clients seeking ways to change and transform many aspects of their lives.

I often find that people are searching for answers but don’t trust what they receive. A lot of time is spent second-guessing and doubting what is received. When a person is in this space that person can feel as though his or her mind is racing much like a hamster on a wheel as the wheel continues to spin faster and faster. When I mention this I see a smile and a resounding confirmation of this truth. Sometimes I suggest that to quiet and stop this confusion, “Just move your attention from your head into your heartspace so your mind will quiet.”

In the quiet of the heartspace access to wisdom is found. Answers to questions can be heard clearly.

This is easier said than done! Many tools can be used to help achieve this inner connection within the heartspace.

At a Matrix Energetics seminar created and presented by Dr. Richard Bartlett he invited us to think of the brain as a computer, the hardware, with the left brain behaving more like a serial processor with limited capacity and the right brain behaving like that of a parallel processor with far more capacity and less limitation. The pearl that was revealed to me, however, was the image of keeping the left brain busy enough to allow the right brain to bring infinite useful information into the heartspace which is neutral and limitless.

The software that the heartspace accesses is not from the brain but from the unseen morphic fields of limitless information and consciousness. These fields function much like computer applications function. They are limitless in the information, wisdom and knowledge that they hold.

Dr. Bartlett’s message was similar, though using different words, to what I’ve intuitively known. Now I have language to describe what I’ve felt and known before.

Further, I discovered another pearl as I listened to Dr. Bartlett’s presentation. He pointed out that not many people know what it feels like to be in the quiet place of our hearts. A light bulb went on as I thought, it’s one thing to intellectualize on how we get there and feel it and it is another thing to feel it and experience it actually.

My own journey has led me to this place after many years of prayer, discernment and meditation which have included a practice of energy movement incorporating Tai Chi, QiGong, breathing and other subtle energy practices.

The heartspace is where the greatest change and transformation happen because it provides a neutral field enabling us to connect with our  highest consciousness, wisdom and knowledge.

It is here that clutter is eliminated and clarity prevails. It is here that the infinite is made available and evaluated with the help of our brains.

The HeartMath study described to me the power of my heart versus my brain in new ways. Dr. Bartlett’s description and language also have given me new ways to describe what I already know. I’m grateful for the confirmation!

Everything is conscious, all is possible, we are creators, and amazing things happen when we let go of expected outcomes.

The only limitations to what is possible are what we believe and how we limit our imaginations.

With Great Love & Light,
Heartspace The Infinite Heart



*We offer services that help you connect with your Heartspace – The Infinite Heart.

Planting the Seed

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Master Gardener Planting The Seed

The seed of wisdom, knowledge, experience and memories have been planted in your soul and consciousness before you were born. This is a time of awakening and remembering who you are and why you chose to come to this time and place.

It begins with a seed.
Wisdom, knowledge, awareness—all are found within,
deep within the soul.

Think of yourself as a gardener. You are a master gardener who has the responsibility to till and nurture the most precious soil in the universe and beyond. That is the soil of the soul. In fact, your role as master gardener is so important that the resources of the universe are at your fingertips—a cosmic nursery filled with master gardeners. It doesn’t matter if you know how to be a gardener or not. It only matters that you are. This is the analogy that will be used throughout.

Acorn Seed Awakening

Many of you have a yearning deep within that has yet to be named. It often feels as though “life must be something more” even when life is good. This is a soul awakening and remembering—struggling like the acorn seed to push through and grow into its full maturity and become the beautiful oak tree. Your soul is yearning for conscious awakening and remembering. It is longing to grow into its full maturity, when you are consciously ONE with God. This is a maturity that brings forth the God/Goddess within, the one who co-creates with Source in each and every moment, nurturing life in all forms. It is a maturity that recognizes beauty and God in all expressions of life. It is a maturity that is not based upon age. It is, rather, one of soul consciousness and awareness that can come at any age.

As you become and own the mastery of all that you are, you are indeed the master gardener, the gardener who is responsible for what seed is planted, removed and nurtured within your own inner garden. Freedom to create all that you desire is at your fingertips.

Now let’s begin at the beginning for it is here that understanding starts. First let’s say that you have free will and are free to believe what you will. This is a precious gift given freely by Mother-Father God/Creator/Source/All That Is One. For ease of discussion we will refer to the ONE Source as God. It is not our intent to link any religious connotation with this term, however. It is not our intent to persuade or convince you of these truths or beliefs. We ask that you remain open of heart, mind and soul and feel the truth that resonates for you.

Planting The Seed - Rose Unfold


The Seed of Truth

Take what resonates within your soul and allow it freedom to grow, like the acorn seed, the seed of truth that has been planted within your soul through eons of time. Allow it freedom to sprout and grow into its full beauty. Like the rose, watch it unfold.

Take a moment and reflect, “What is beauty?” For each one of you beauty may be described differently.

  • How do you feel when you are in the presence of beauty?
  • What emotions do you feel?
  • Are there physical sensations?
  • Do you allow yourself to feel the full expression of beauty or is beauty more of an intellectual exercise for you?
  • What do you think and feel about yourself in relationship to beauty?
  • In other words, are you beautiful? If not, why not?
  • What do others tell you about yourself?
  • If they can see the beauty within you, why can’t you?

These questions are being asked now to plant seeds and create awareness. Your answers and awareness may evolve as you continue to reflect upon the questions over a period of days, months and years. No one has a set time for awareness to develop. In fact, once you think you have the answer you may find that more hidden depths or layers will appear, much like roots that have spread which reveal other awareness and other insights.

These questions are not meant as forms of judgment. Once these seeds germinate within and begin to sprout you may find answers that are freeing, raising other questions. It is part of the process, the process of nurturing and growth. It is how your inner garden grows.

Think of this stage as one of preparation. You, the gardener, are preparing the soil, so to speak. What are the nutrients, environment and frequencies that are needed to care for your garden? What will you plant? What type of soil is needed?

Think of it this way. In your day-to-day life of family, business and other priorities and activities, how do you nurture yourself? For example, what environment do you work and live in? What types of thoughts, words and activities do you participate in? What types of people are in your circle of friends and associates? Do you love your work? Do you feel passion and joy in each moment of your existence?

Watch Your Seed Mature Into Full Bloom

What do you believe about your life? Do you believe you have the power to change it and to create a life of your dreams? Do you believe that you can plant anything in your garden and grow it into full maturity watching the seeds sprout and mature into full bloom? If you don’t have the power to be the master of your life, the master gardener, then who does?

See what is ready to awaken within you. Certainly it is the awakening of your own inner power, the power to create the life you dream about, the life you can co-create with God.

With Great Love & Light,

Victoria Barna - Planting the Seed



* We find the flower essences assist in the process of centering and connecting, encouraging the light with its wisdom and love to flow for awakening and nurturing your planted seed.

Reclaim Your Power Through Your Infinite Heart

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Wanted to share an article called: “Reclaim Your Power Through Your Infinite Heart” that is on We have been talking about on Facebook on How To Learn To Be… and this article helps you do that… Enjoy!

How do you Reclaim Your Power
through your Infinite Heart?

You might even wonder what the infinite heart is. Let me explain. Have you ever had an “AhHa” moment? You know the moments when all of a sudden something comes clear and the light bulb goes on so to speak? I recently attended a seminar where several light bulbs lit up for me!

I was sitting in the audience and listening to the speaker, Dr. Richard Bartlett, talk about going into the heart space. When we access information from our hearts we are in a neutral and expansive space. Another image that he shared was of the brain. I loved it. He invited us to think of the brain as the hardware in a computer and the infinite information that is available throughout time and space as the software.

The goal is to quiet our left brains so that our right brains can receive limitless information with the help of our highest self and guides, bringing the information into our heart space. I totally understood this and thought, this is what I recommend to clients, move from head and thought into the heart space. New language came to help explain the process.

I was tracking and then the AhHa came. Dr. Richard Bartlett went on to say, how many people really know what being in the heart feels like? All of a sudden I got it and thought, of course there are a lot of people who don’t know what being in the heart feels like. How do I know? I see many clients and know many subtle energy practitioners who have closed their hearts for a variety of reasons. Part of growth and expansion includes quieting thoughts and opening the heart space to receive infinite wisdom, knowledge and information that is available to everyone.

I began to think about how we access the heart space. Meditation certainly works to quiet thoughts and provides a way to enter the heart space and achieve inner stillness. For those of you who like to meditate, ENJOY! I personally find meditation enjoyable. When I’m in the quiet stillness of my inner sacred space I find answers and clarity. All is possible. Runners describe a similar feeling when they are in the “zone”. For those of you who find it more challenging to reach an inner stillness where infinite information is available to access I suggest trying the following:

First, think of an activity or something that you truly enjoy. For example, if you like to dance you can imagine a dance floor in the center of your chest, your heart space-a place that is not your physical heart but one that some might call your “high heart”. Now, imagine dancing down into your heart space. How fun! Begin at the top of your head through your brain, down your neck and through your throat into your chest arriving at the dance floor of your choice.

Feel the amazing joy and peace once you arrive. Know that this feeling is yours to always access. It is a tangible way to move from your head and thought to an inner sacred space where thought can quiet easily. You might find dancing is not your favorite so pick something you love like cooking, skiing, running, meeting a loved one, or performing on stage! Use your imagination to create something that is uniquely yours!

Yes, it is yours to own and create. The information, wisdom, and knowledge that is available for you to access is limitless. Before you begin your descent into your infinite heart create an intention, ask a question, or ask the universe or God what serves your greatest good to know right now. Remember, all is possible when limitations are released. Journal what comes after your quiet experience and be delighted and amazed!

I love to journey with people who are ready to reclaim their power; people who remember that each one of us is a creator, creating in each and every moment — creating our own realities; people who are ready to grow and expand their awareness and consciousness and may not know exactly how to move forward; as well as people who are ready to shift, change and transform. Where is your journey taking you?

©Victoria Barna, M.A. – All Rights Reserved

On our blog here to assist you in helping get into a quiet place, we have a Guided Meditation for you as our gift.

Victoria supports and encourages discovering and expanding ones’ self-healing abilities, personal inner strengths, wisdom and creative expression while increasing self-confidence and awareness–bringing what is “within” into everyday action. This evolving journey of change and transformation includes Awakening, Discovering, and Creating your Heart’s Desire!

Victoria is a respected Transformative Guide, Healer, and Author! She is an ordained minister and Spiritual Director with an education that includes a BS/BA and an M.A. in Theology with an emphasis in Spirituality. Would love to connect with you!

Article Source:

Reclaim Your Power

I hope you found benefit in this article to Reclaim Your Power and would love for you to share any comments.

Stay Grounded and In Your Body

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One of the things that I have noticed recently with people I meet or clients that I see is what I will call a state of not feeling or being grounded. What does this mean to me? It’s a sense and feeling that comes from the subtle energy that surrounds a person that makes me feel like they are “flying”; or it feels like there is fogginess in their brain–there is difficulty finding clarity. There are some whose thoughts feel scattered and racing like a hamster on a wheel–finding it hard to focus. Then there are people who have so much going on without a free moment to spare that stress and tension are a way of being–noticeably carried in their body.

Have you ever felt like this? Would you like to talk about simple ways that can help you feel more grounded and fully present in your body? I believe that we are invited to remember and experience being fully present in our bodies right now. As we learn to trust and use all of our senses and intuition to access useful information, wisdom and knowledge from all time and space we can create and bring into form what our heart’s desire. It doesn’t matter whether we are creating relationships, career choices, personal growth, health, or abundance. It’s when we are grounded and in our bodies that creation of something tangible takes place.

Join Victoria from 5:30p-6p on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Storm Wisdom to talk about helpful ways to ground and feel present in your body. Some of these simple tools include using: breathing techniques, sprays, visualization, flower essences, and crystals. You may also have ways that work for you that you would like to share. I look forward to seeing and talking to you. This is a free service.

With Love & Light,


©Victoria Barna, M.A., Feb. 2011

Change Your Beliefs…Change Your Life!

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Gisela Arenas, my teaching partner, and I have been offering a series of classes recently entitled Change Your Beliefs…Change Your Life – Aligning with Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth and Success. There has been much written and presented about the Law of Attraction in recent months. Our approach has been somewhat different. We have created tools and experiences that assist people in understanding that often times there is conflict in what we want to create in our lives. Often our beliefs don’t support the life we want to live. For example, when we ask a participant to test for a yes or no response to, “I believe I deserve abundance, prosperity, wealth and success in my life” the response is often NO! We find that this is counter to what their conscious mind believes.

So, what is the point, you ask? The point is that often times what we think we believe and what we truly believe in our bodies, minds or cellular consciousness are not in alignment. Ooops. Through an approach of aligning beliefs and use of releasing tools we have found that people are able to release blocks and resistance to what they want to create. It is important to accept and allow yourself to be right where you are without judging or beating yourself up. Feel gratitude for the awareness. Because your thoughts are powerful energy forms, when they change in the form of beliefs it is possible to change your life! How cool is that?

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author
©Copyright 2009

There is Only NOW

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The only time we have is NOW, isn’t it? I KNOW this and I FEEL it even more deeply in this moment. I am consciously aware of this truth as I have been called upon to support dear family friends who have lost a teenage son unexpectedly. Not only has this loss affected this family, others have been affected as well, including friends of the family, their sons’ friends, friends of siblings, etc. One of those affected has been my own son. I’ve seen shock and disbelief of the unexpected settle in, observed beliefs of invincibility shattered, and listened to and witnessed the grace of gratitude and love that is held for this beautiful soul by so many.

As the questions come and understanding and reasons are sought, I am reminded how precious each moment is. It is in this moment NOW that I am creator, choosing and creating my next moment?my future. I am reminded that there is no time and space and we are eternal beings even when our human forms no longer serve us. Our loved ones are not gone really; they have changed form and are now on to their next experience. This doesn’t mean that we cannot feel sadness and grieve for their human presence however; it creates an opportunity to celebrate the life, love and gratitude for this precious soul.

I am reminded that we choose our time of leaving. I am also reminded that we are not alone. Mother-Father God/Creator/Spirit/Source/All That is One, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, other Beings of Light, Medicine Men and Women of the Light and Ancestors anxiously await our call for support, guidance, and assistance. We are never alone or separated. How comforting and beautiful this is.

I am reminded how important it is to keep the channels of communication open. Share thoughts and beliefs of life, death and Mother-Father God/Creator/Spirit/Source/All That is One. NOW is the time for these conversations. NOW is the time to tell others how much they are loved. NOW is the time to REMEMBER that you are a precious child of God and the Universe, always have been and always will be; one who is loved unconditionally and beyond all measure. NOW is the time to create your next moment. What will it be?

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author
Reclaim Your Power; CHOICE A Simple Way to Peace;
Guided Journeys Meditation CD; and Soul Journey Journal

©Copyright 2009

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