Becoming a Trance Channel and Shifting Vibrational Frequencies

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Hi there!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted messages other than my channeled Insights & Reflections. This past year and a half has been quite a journey for me as I’m sure it has been for many of you as well. My journey includes becoming a Trance Channel.

Although I’ve channeled for years now I’ve connected with a new group of unseen friends called Luminus and others in the unseen realms. In reality these friends tell me that they have no name but understand that it helps me to have a name for them! I love their humor as well as their love and support.

Here is a channeled message shared by Luminus:

“We are Luminus, 7 light beings from another dimensional realm. We wish to speak today of some of the shifts and changes many of you are experiencing in your physical bodies. We understand that many of you are experiencing a lot of physical discomfort.

In most cases we will say that the discomfort that is felt is a result of individuals shifting their vibrational frequencies and as a result great releasing of old habits, beliefs, emotions and life experiences are being felt in the physical body and released. This may include feelings of nausea, fatigue, physical weakness; emotional release; flu like symptoms; memories, pain, dizziness as well as other symptoms.

Symptoms will vary depending on each individual’s journey, courage and willingness to dive into the unknown and continue on your path of personal growth and remembering. Some of you may find comfort in seeking a doctor’s opinion for this is a choice you must make for yourself. If this choice provides comfort then we suggest you follow your instincts. Others will recognize this processing for what it is. Know that you are not alone. The length of time you may experience these or other symptoms will vary.

We want to assure you; however, these symptoms will leave. As you navigate these experiences – for some it may be your 1st experience – please use the tools you find helpful. Work with your High Self and unseen friends and guides. Ask for their help. Remember, their resources are limitless!

Remain open to receive guidance and healing. This is a great opportunity to surrender and trust rather than resist. Be gentle with yourself and listen to your body. We encourage you to ask, ‘What is the best self-care I can give myself right now?’

Once again, we are Luminus and send our love to each one of you.”

Victoria Barna, MA
Trance Channel, Healer & Author
©Victoria Barna

Acceptance: Letting Go of Judgment

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There have been interesting and busy weeks for me with moments filled of pure joy and there have been moments where I’ve asked myself, “What’s up with that?” — How has your week been?

It’s a pleasure to sit here quietly this morning and bring my awareness into my heart. I take a few deep breaths and allow my thoughts to become quiet. I look back on these last weeks and I find myself searching for patterns or themes that have appeared for me, clients, class participants and others. What I notice is a common theme that has come up for many of us. I love how we mirror to one another what’s going on in our lives in each and every moment.

Many of my interactions in a variety of settings a few weeks ago have been experiences where judgments have been made about oneself or others. When I peel back the layers of this multi-layered onion I’ve discovered that many of us, including me, sometimes have difficulty accepting ourselves and each other.

Acceptance is a big deal. Wanting to be accepted by others is important. Accepting where we are and who we are in each moment can feel challenging. Accepting others where they are in each moment can feel more challenging. Accepting and trusting our own intuitive guidance often feels impossible. How do I navigate these sometimes murky waters?

Moving from judgment to acceptance, for me, has been an evolving journey. How about you?

Below are some tips that I use as reminders. Feel free to use the ones that resonate with you and “let go” of the ones that don’t!

Moving Into Acceptance: 5 Tips To Let Go of Judging Others & Ourselves


  • I accept myself and others more easily when I am centered and in my heart.
  • The more I accept myself it’s easier for others to accept me.
  • I accept that other people are on their own journey. Their journey isn’t mine.
  • Accepting someone else doesn’t mean I agree with or embrace their beliefs or behaviors. It’s where they are right now. My beliefs and behaviors are mine and I own them.
  • I accept that I am right where I’m supposed to be. It’s my experiences on the journey that help me grow not the destination.

In closing, I want to thank each one of you for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts and experiences.

Acceptance: Letting Go of Judgement

©2012 Victoria Barna

As a Life Coach we are here to help you to Awaken, Discover and
Create your Heart’s Desire on this evolving journey of acceptance!

How To Improve Self Esteem

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How to Improve Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Self Worth

These are feelings that I often explore with clients. I am frequently asked, “Is there a common theme that you notice when working with your clients?” First, let me say that each client and their journey of awakening, discovering and creating their heart’s desire is unique. Personal growth is a conscious choice and everyone is at a different level of understanding, acceptance and experience. I hold specifics about each client very sacredly.

Having said that, I have noticed generally throughout an individuals’ journey of growth it isn’t surprising that beliefs about “self” can create blocks and/or resistance to moving forward. These beliefs often are not conscious.

What a person believes and feels about themselves can affect confidence, feelings of self-worth, self-esteem and what is happening in daily life. In other words, what you believe is what you create. I find that often the origins of these beliefs are deeply buried. In many cases there is a reluctance to trust choices and decisions; often seeking answers from others.

Can you Improve your self-esteem / self-worth?

Can change and transformation happen when someone has beliefs that no longer work for them?

Absolutely! As a Transformation Coach I help you identify and “let go” of what no longer serves you; reclaim you power and remember who you really are!

Over the next weeks I will share a few insights from my book Reclaim Your Power and if you enjoy them it is available with a companion CD of guided visualizations on our products page They are also available as digital downloads.

The invitation in each moment is to BE all that you are.

You are more than you think!

With Great Love & Light,
Transformation Coach Victoria Barna

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p.s.  We are here for you on this journey… start today and improve your self-esteem by Reclaiming Your Power!

Meditation is a Great Tool

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Meditation is a Great Tool…Take Time to BE!

What is it about meditation that brings one closer to God/Spirit/Creator/Source/ All That Is?

Today the pace is fast, choices are many, and lifestyles are diverse. This is a society of how many more things or activities can be added to an already busy schedule — a society of doers. How many more things or activities can be added to my children’s schedule?

In fact, the day is so full for many that when a moment appears to breathe and be silent, for some it feels uncomfortable. How many of you are truly comfortable with silence?

  • Do you feel that something is missing when you are doing nothing?
  • Do feelings of guilt and discomfort arise if you are not busy?
  • Do you feel that if you don’t have that activity for your child that your child’s best friend has, that somehow your child will be viewed as less than or behind in some way?

The truth is that most people have forgotten how to be still and they have forgotten that no separation exists between one’s own self and God except what has been created by the mind.

How many of you continue to look for answers outside of yourself, from others who profess to be gurus, teachers, or enlightened experts?

What if I said to you now that all you seek and need to know is within you?

  • How does this resonate with you?
  • How does it feel within your body?
  • How does it feel when you hear it within your heart?

The answers are within you! Yes, the answers are within you!

So, what does meditation have to do with this?

Meditation Is A Great ToolMeditation is a tool that, when embraced, enables you to be still — outwardly and within. This means that in stillness, when your mind is quiet and your emotions are quiet, you begin to remember who you are, why you are here and you begin to reconnect with the Divine within you.

It is in this process that you begin your journey back home to Source and God’s Truth and Wisdom–remembering and embracing all that you are, bringing your full Divine Essence from the inner into outward expression, if you choose. It is a pathway that allows the voice of truth and wisdom to emerge. When this voice emerges some of you may hear, know, feel or see—as guidance and remembering come forth.

Yes, this journey is a journey of choice for we have been graced with Free Will in our creation. Limitless resources, love, forgiveness, compassion, harmony, abundance, peace, prosperity, health are there for our asking and our co-creation when God is the true Guide of our lives.

When our true and authentic self emerges allowing all that we are into full expression — how glorious our lives are!

We can choose the path of grace and love, or we can choose the path of struggle and fear. Which path do you choose?

Meditation is one tool that has been effective for thousands of years to quiet the mind and to quiet the emotions so the inner journey to stillness can be achieved.

With Great Love & Light,
Guided Meditation with Victoria Barna



Guided Meditation CD’s or MP3′s are a great way to calm our mind and just be.  We have samples for you to listen to and feedback shows the guided meditation helps them.

Mercury Retrograde: Change and Transformation

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Mercury Retrograde: An Invitation for Change and Transformation

Although I’m not an astrologer I know that Mercury is “in retrograde” again so I began to wonder what was happening energetically to many of us right now. I know that I have been feeling some personal shifts of change and transformation and I bet many of you have too. For some of you these shifts are pretty intense. For those of us born during Mercury’s retrograde we are affected differently. For example, for me, I have an incredible surge of creative energy and don’t seem to have enough time to “get all that’s inside out”! Whew!

2011, a universal year of the vibration of “4” energy, has brought forth opportunities to create foundations and structure. It also holds the compassionate and nurturing energy of “2” as well as the illuminator energy of “11”. 2011 presents many opportunities to prepare for great change and transformation in 2012 and invitations to “let go” of the past and “embrace” new things. Our experience is one of choice; do I embrace or resist?

The current mercury retrograde continues to provide opportunities to review and revise areas of our life. Since energies will continue to shift and change during this period it is probably a good idea to wait to make important decisions, if possible, until all information is sorted out when the retrograde ends.

Mercury also rules how we think. Remember to focus more from your heart. This time is perfect to continue centering practices with meditation, prayer and body movement for your thought forms are powerful creators. Be mindful of what you are creating in your life at this time. Are you choosing chaos or peace; love or fear? Imagine yourself in the calm eye of the storm as the energies swirl around you. As you are calm and centered others around you will be as well.
Through the change and transformation, allow your beautiful inner Light and Love to radiate. BE the beacon for others, bringing more Light into their lives just by your presence. You don’t have to Do anything just BE.

As a Transformative Guide, I am here to assist you in your change and transformation through these powerful times.

Please enjoy the added insights shared with me by Beloved Mary Magdalene.

With Great Love and Light,

Victoria helps you with change and transformation

Insights shared from The Magdalene on Change & Transformation:

“Yes, yes, we feel the swirling energies of change and transformation accelerating now. The planets align to support these shifts. Many who are sensitive will feel the shifts deeply within their physical bodies, emotions and thoughts. Now is a time with these energies shifting so quickly that it is more than ever essential to remain grounded; for it will be easy for some to swirl like whirlwinds and feel out of control. The truth is that it is all part of the divine plan.

Precious Mother Earth is accelerating and shifting her rotation; this in turn raises the frequency or vibration in her energetic field. The human body is like a microcosm of the macrocosm. In other words, the human form is a universe that is part of the larger universe(s). So life as we currently experience it is also shifting, changing and raising its frequencies regardless of its form.

Remain positive. Your thought forms are powerful sources of energy. It is essential to create that which is positive now. When the energies of fear, worry, doubt, and lethargy are felt; embrace them and offer great gratitude for it is in the conscious choice you make to release them that the shift will take place as you accept where you are and what you are experiencing in each moment. This is when consciousness grows and expands.

Ask for help to release all that no longer serves you and then allow yourself to bring in new positive thoughts/energies of love, peace, acceptance, joy, courage and action to replace the old energies. Remember that you are powerful creators. Thoughts attract. Be mindful of your words that are spoken for like the arrow they can sting when received. Create words of truth and that provide constructive help to others. Honor yourself and others with what is spoken always from a heart filled with love and compassion for it is love that transforms.

Embrace and accept the beauty of change and transformation. See it for the gift that it is. And so it is.”

Victoria Barna
Transformative Guide, Healer, Author

©2011 Victoria Barna

Be sure to leave comments letting us know how change and transformation is coming up for you.

Vibrational Healing as a Form of Creative Expression

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When was the last time you associated healing withvibration and creative expression? Vibrational healing is not new. It has been around for thousands of years and called by many names: Light (laser), sound, subtle energy, intuition, color, breath, crystals, flower essences, herbs, acupuncture, numerology, astrology, nature, guided visualization, meditation, prayer, and intentions to name a few.

Whether you are aware of it or not most individuals experience the effects of color and sound everyday. Think about the music that pleasesor puts you on edge and the colors that soothe or make you feel good. You are receiving the benefits of color and sound therapy.

Consider the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. Think of them as energetic and vibrational sources that can be called upon to assist in the healing process. For example, if you love nature, take a walk, sit on a rock, hear the symphony of the birds, or “hug a tree”.Feel relaxed and calmer. If you are a cat or dog lover, what kind of comfort, calming and healing do you receive from them?

Dr. MasuruEmoto’s beautiful study of water crystals is another great example of how the vibrations of thought, words, music, prayer, meditation and intention shift and change the molecular structure of water from something quite distorted to beauty that touches our souls. A picture is worth a thousand words. How do these energy forms affect our bodies? Think about it. How will healing shift when our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions shift?

Consciously choose to create healthy environments and lifestyles for yourself.Have fun. Vibrational resources are available in many forms. Get creative. Your imagination is your only limitation.

Contact Victoria Barna at 602-820-3126. For more information, visit or

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Earthquake In Haiti – What Can I Do To Help?

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So much is shifting and changing right now. For those of you who are especially sensitive to the earth’s energies it has probably felt like a roller coaster ride for a few weeks now with Mercury in retrograde and the earthquake in Haiti. I have been asking, “What is my part? What role can I play in assisting the healing that is so greatly needed?” There are many groups who are collecting donations for Haiti relief efforts. For some this is doable and for others it is not.

I had a moment of visualizing getting on an airplane and going to Haiti; helping the rescue efforts. I soon realized although I am experienced in a variety of energy healing methods I am not experienced in Disaster Recovery and would most likely be more of a hindrance than helpful at this time. So, during my meditation I asked God to reveal to me how I, one person, could help. I was reminded of how powerful each one of us is; we are creators. Our thoughts, words, actions and prayers are powerful even when we don’t see the outcome always. We are ONE and in our ONENESS all is possible.

All it takes is a moment to sit quietly and ask God and the beautiful Beings of Light to help those who were injured or died; ask them to support and guide the relief workers, the survivors and family members; ask that relief efforts accelerate and the resources that are needed arrive in good time; ask that politics and personal agendas are set aside and we gather as a universal community to support the resurrection of this community with ease and grace.

Each one of us has the power to ask for help. We can visualize a resurrected and healed Haiti and create positive intentions to reinforce that it is done with ease and grace. Each one of us has the power to intend many hands, seen and unseen hands of light, assisting these efforts. Each one of us has the power to intend sending the Christ Light, the beautiful white light of healing and Divine Love to all of our brothers and sisters wherever they are in each moment. This is our power; the power of ONE and the power of many. If you choose, invite your family and friends to participate as well. Create a gathering; many are; form a community to support this effort of healing.

Don’t minimize the power of ONE. Take this step for you and know that you are heard. This is a universal year of the number 3 and 3 is about connecting and communicating; it is about creative expression and speaking your truth; it is also about allowing the light within each one of you to shine forth to others. Now is the time to let your lights shine. Imagine yourself looking down upon the earth and seeing 6 billion shining lights; how beautiful and powerful is that? Send your light consciously to those who need it now in Haiti and other places with great love and compassion and ask  “What is mine to do?  How can I serve?”

With Love & Light,

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Author & Publisher

©Victoria Barna, January 24, 2010

The Heart Experience™ is Here Now!

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What is The Heart Experience™ ? It is a program co-created by Gisela Arenas and me that focuses on opening individual hearts and minds to allow accept and own that it is ok to receive love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance for self first and then others. This is essential for true growth and self healing to begin, we believe. We provide spiritual tools and guided meditations during each session so that what no longer serves is released; creating space for new beliefs, energies, and experiences – allowing LOVE to enter the heart space more freely. How beautiful is that?

Are you searching for answers, “who am I and why am I here”? Are there feelings of “there must be something more”? Through the journey of The Heart Experience™ explore the answers to these ageless questions; you are not alone. Feel and experience energy, the power of thought, words, beliefs and intentions. Discover beneficial tools and resources that can be used daily. Meet like minded people and the divine guides and helpers of the spiritual and nature realms that are here to assist and guide you in each and every moment. Re-connect with Mother/Father God/Creator/Spirit/ Source/All That is One – whatever you name the one Universal Life Force. Remember the master that you have been and are now. RECLAIM YOUR POWER!

Self empowerment and self mastery are here NOW for you to claim. It is yours to choose. Please check out our sites and make The Heart Experience™ journey your own:,,

With love and light,


Love Beyond Measure

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LOVE. Is there ever too much LOVE? During this time of year many traditions and rituals are remembered and celebrated. We light candles, sing hymns of praise, cook special meals, recall and tell stories of what it was like thousands of years ago. As we listen to the stories we often imagine what it would be like to have lived during those times. This is true regardless of the religious or spiritual tradition that is being honored… Is it not?

Where does LOVE belong in all of these stories? Where does LOVE fit? How is it discussed in the context of the story, ritual, song, meal or celebration? Have we lost the true meaning of the celebration? Have we lost something so precious and powerful that we have forgotten the very core or essence of the gift that was given? Let us spend a few moments on the gift – the gift of LOVE.

LOVE is the greatest transformer of all. This is LOVE that transcends all time and space. It is LOVE that is available to all life, beyond measure, without condition or limits. Where is this type of LOVE found? Within you. It is always there, always has been and always will be. This is the LOVE that is the essence of who we are. It is found in our souls or heart space. No, it is not seen. It is felt if we allow, accept and own it. It is there for the asking and taking if we choose to receive it. It is what sustains us in times of sorrow, doubt and uncertainty. It takes the place of FEAR if we let it. It is what creates a true environment of healing, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion for self and others. It is what has been given freely as FREE WILL CHOICE has been given. LOVE IS. It can be considered a form of vibrational healing for LOVE is vibrating at a much higher level than fear.

How do you feel LOVE beyond measure or experience this type of LOVE? Let’s experience it now. Find a quiet space and BREATHE in and out. Imagine a beautiful white light of Divine LOVE entering on your in breath and retain it within as you breathe out through your nose. This light is always present within; however, bring it forth now into your consciousness. Some refer to this light as the Christ Consciousness for it is Christ that brought this level of LOVE into pure and human consciousness. Others who have demonstrated this level of LOVE are: the Buddha, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Mother Mary, All other Ascended Masters and Archangels to name a few. Continue to breathe in and out normally until you feel your thoughts quieting. Give your thoughts a “time out” for this period of time. They will return when you are finished if you choose.

BREATHE in and out and quiet your mind. Once your thoughts are quiet, ASK Beloved Mother-Father God/Creator/Spirit/All that is ONE/Source, whoever you name the ONE, with your heart, with LOVE for all life to show you what LOVE beyond measure FEELS like. Allow, accept and own that you are ready and deserving to receive this LOVE. It will come if you choose to receive it. It is beyond measure. It is beyond the feeling of romantic LOVE. It can bring tears of JOY, HAPPINESS, and AWE. It can be humbling. It is there for each one of us to receive if we allow it. All we have to do is ASK.

This is one of the most powerful feelings and experiences that brings forth feeling the ONENESS of ALL. It brings forth similarities and erases differences for in the experience of LOVE BEYOND MEASURE we are ONE. There is no room for fear, doubt, and uncertainty. There is only room for what is possible for the greatest good. It is there for each one of us to experience and BE. LOVE is the greatest transformer of all for in LOVE and the highest light, your higher consciousness, all things are possible.

With LOVE and LIGHT,

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

Reclaim Your Power; CHOICE A Simple Way to Peace;
Guided Journeys Meditation CD; and Soul Journey Journal

©Copyright 2008

How Powerful Are You?

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POWER and POWERFUL, these are words for you to contemplate and incorporate in your daily meditation. Let’s see how Webster’s dictionary describes POWER. It is an “ability to act or produce an effect; possession of control, authority, or influence over others”. POWERFUL is defined as “having great power, prestige, or influence”. For our discussion let’s think of POWER as having an “ability to act or produce an effect”.

When you see or hear these words what FEELINGS do you experience. Are they easy words for you to use when you talk about yourself? Look at them again and notice what is going on with your body. Feel the emotions that emerge. What are you thinking right now? Do you feel that you have the ability to act or produce an effect? It doesn’t really matter right now what that effect is, rather focus on whether you feel that you can do it. Can you? If you answer yes to this question then please begin to think of yourself as having POWER and being a POWERFUL being for if it is nothing more than creating changes in what you believe, think, say or do, you are acting to produce an effect, are you not? You are changing you, this is the effect!

The truth is that for great change to occur outwardly in the environment first change must occur in your inner being-what you think, feel, say, believe or do. This is where ALLOWING, ACCEPTING AND OWNING the POWER you are begins. It is your choice to make. How badly do you wish for great leaders in our country to be elected? How badly do you want the systems and structures to change? How much are you willing to change for this to happen? Are you ready to accept responsibility for what you are creating? Are you ready to receive the blessings that can flow your way without limitations? Are you ready to accept that there is a higher POWER or CONSCIOUSNESS that supports you? Are you ready to BE the POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEING THAT YOU ARE RIGHT NOW? If your answer is yes then know that it is time to RECLAIM YOUR POWER-reclaim the truth and wisdom that is available to you in each moment.

Know that you are POWERFUL spiritual beings having wonderful human experiences and it is time to wake up. It is time to return to the truth of who you are. It is time to embrace and love yourself, forgive yourself and be compassionate with yourself for then you can BE this for others. This is when true self healing, spiritual healing, change and transformation can take place. It doesn’t matter whether you are a rock star, politician, stay at home mom or dad, student, shut in, homeless or wealthy person, or just a kid having fun. We are all part of the whole connected by something greater. It is time to remember who we are. Start with you then reach out to others. As you change, others around you will benefit. Focus on what brings your heart JOY and listen to your heart as you make your choices. Acknowledge and accept the POWER that YOU are. This is a choice you can make!

If you are ready to remember who you are and why you are here, receive more information about Victoria or would like to pre-order her new book RECLAIM YOUR POWER An Evolving Journey of Choice and Transformation, please go to You can also contact her direct for an individual consultation on 602-820-3126.

With LOVE and LIGHT,

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

Reclaim Your Power; CHOICE A Simple Way to Peace;
Guided Journeys Meditation CD; and Soul Journey Journal
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