Meditation is a Great Tool

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Meditation is a Great Tool…Take Time to BE!

What is it about meditation that brings one closer to God/Spirit/Creator/Source/ All That Is?

Today the pace is fast, choices are many, and lifestyles are diverse. This is a society of how many more things or activities can be added to an already busy schedule — a society of doers. How many more things or activities can be added to my children’s schedule?

In fact, the day is so full for many that when a moment appears to breathe and be silent, for some it feels uncomfortable. How many of you are truly comfortable with silence?

  • Do you feel that something is missing when you are doing nothing?
  • Do feelings of guilt and discomfort arise if you are not busy?
  • Do you feel that if you don’t have that activity for your child that your child’s best friend has, that somehow your child will be viewed as less than or behind in some way?

The truth is that most people have forgotten how to be still and they have forgotten that no separation exists between one’s own self and God except what has been created by the mind.

How many of you continue to look for answers outside of yourself, from others who profess to be gurus, teachers, or enlightened experts?

What if I said to you now that all you seek and need to know is within you?

  • How does this resonate with you?
  • How does it feel within your body?
  • How does it feel when you hear it within your heart?

The answers are within you! Yes, the answers are within you!

So, what does meditation have to do with this?

Meditation Is A Great ToolMeditation is a tool that, when embraced, enables you to be still — outwardly and within. This means that in stillness, when your mind is quiet and your emotions are quiet, you begin to remember who you are, why you are here and you begin to reconnect with the Divine within you.

It is in this process that you begin your journey back home to Source and God’s Truth and Wisdom–remembering and embracing all that you are, bringing your full Divine Essence from the inner into outward expression, if you choose. It is a pathway that allows the voice of truth and wisdom to emerge. When this voice emerges some of you may hear, know, feel or see—as guidance and remembering come forth.

Yes, this journey is a journey of choice for we have been graced with Free Will in our creation. Limitless resources, love, forgiveness, compassion, harmony, abundance, peace, prosperity, health are there for our asking and our co-creation when God is the true Guide of our lives.

When our true and authentic self emerges allowing all that we are into full expression — how glorious our lives are!

We can choose the path of grace and love, or we can choose the path of struggle and fear. Which path do you choose?

Meditation is one tool that has been effective for thousands of years to quiet the mind and to quiet the emotions so the inner journey to stillness can be achieved.

With Great Love & Light,
Guided Meditation with Victoria Barna



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