Happy Mother’s Day

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Have a blessed and glorious day. To all of you that have created, birthed and supported life whether it’s with children; our four legged friends; projects or
other things.

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

With great Love, Light and Gratitude,

Happy Mother's Day from Victoria Barna

“You are more than you think


Happy Easter – Time for ReBirth

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This is a great time for rebirth and a time to “check-in” and let go of what no longer serves you. It’s a time to allow new and beautiful awakenings and opportunities to emerge and unfold. It’s also a time to cherish that which you hold dear in each of your traditions.

Thank you for being part of my experience. I value and cherish each one of you.

Happy Easter


Happy Easter!

With great Love and Gratitude,

Happy Easter from Victoria Barna

“You are more than you think


Mary Magdalene : Love is the Greatest Transformer

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Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

Greetings, Beloved Children of the universe(s). It is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. Feel the unconditional LOVE I freely give. Allow yourself to receive this LOVE in this moment NOW.

This is a great time to give thanks. What are you grateful for, Dear Ones? When you focus on the blessings in your life great change and transformation can take place. What may seem to you tragic in one moment may be a blessing in disguise. Often the bigger picture is not revealed until much later. Dear Ones, please trust that all is well.

It is time to REMEMBER your true nature. It is time for your soul to awaken to its truth. It is time to explore what you believe and ask, “Are these my beliefs or someone else’s?” If they no longer resonate, Dear Ones, then choose to let them go. How many of your own stories have created limitations for you? Are you ready to release these self-imposed boundaries and restrictions?

Yes, Dear Ones, they are yours to release for you are the only one who can change you! Consciously choose, Dear Ones. Consciously choose to remember and accept that you are part of the whole—an integral part. What you choose affects the whole.

What if you were to choose to think, speak, see and act using a lens of LOVE? Will you, your environment and others change? Are you willing to try? Remember, change begins with you first. Peace begins within!

What is the first step you will take? Are you ready to take a leap of faith and choose to begin today? Are you willing to try this for one day, one week, one month, or longer—perhaps a lifetime?

If you are willing, then for this moment take a few deep conscious cleansing breaths. Create your intention. For example, I intend to think, see, speak, and act using the lens of LOVE in each moment today. All that is not LOVE I release, change, transform, and transmute with ease and Grace. And so it is.

Feel the truth of your intention in every cell of your body, mind, and Spirit. Now let go and enjoy your experience.

At the end of the day take a few moments to quiet your mind and center with a few deep cleansing breaths. Do an inward scan and notice what’s different from when your day began. If you like, you can keep a journal to record your experiences during this time of transition. If you choose to continue these experiences, then create an intention each day. It can be the same one or a different one. It’s up to you. If you feel stuck, ask for help to continue moving forward from your guides or God.

You are never alone, Dear Ones. You are fully supported. We in the unseen continue to support you in each moment. Call on us for help. Ask God or whoever you call the One Source of All That Was, Is, and Ever Will Be to help. With LOVE all is possible.

LOVE is the greatest transformer of all! And so it is.

With Great Love
Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna
Life Coach, Author & Speaker
©Victoria Barna, Channeled November 28, 2013

Love is the greatest transformer: Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Shares Peace Begins Within…

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Message from Mary Magdalene

Mary MagdaleneBeloved Children of this universe, it is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. Rejoice and receive what I give to you so freely—LOVE beyond all measure.

Much turmoil and chaos continue to exist in the world. Things continue to shift and change. Governments, institutions, beliefs, relationships, policies, the earth, and so much more are being affected.

Some of you may go through periods where you feel hopeless. Please do not lose hope. Have faith and trust. For great changes to occur many things must de-construct first.

Many of you yearn for peace and ask:


  • “How can peace prevail in this environment?”
  • “What can I do to bring about peace?”

First let me emphasize that the answer to this question begins with you—each one of you individually and uniquely as well as all of you combined collectively.

Your thoughts, words and actions are powerful. Peace must be found and experienced within you first. If you are not calm in your thoughts and actions, if you are not feeling peaceful, compassionate and loving of yourself and others in the deepest regions of your heart, then the filter that your decisions and experiences are made through may be distorted.

You have free will to create the life you want. Will your choices and responses be made from fear or will they be made from love?

All of us understand that many inequities seem to be happening in the world. There are many examples of this. Some call it duality consciousness. For example, there are extremes in wealth and poverty, obesity and starvation, the sheltered and the homeless, abusers and abused, to name a few.

It is time to shift awareness to a unified consciousness—the consciousness from which our Divinity resides—a consciousness that accepts and embraces ALL. Have we not come from the ONE Source that many of you call God?

Have we not come from the Consciousness that created ALL with LOVE and as LOVE? How could we forget our Source and our own Divine nature? It is time to remember that what one person feels and acts upon affects the whole. The more you remember your own Divine nature, then the easier it becomes to accept individual differences. You can begin to make choices and act on them consciously. You can feel and accept your loving and Divine nature and choose to accept others.

This period of time is transitional. Many beliefs, traditions, habits and perceptions are being challenged. It is time to release many of them or to change them. Peace begins within.

Peace begins within. Peace begins with one person at a time.

If it is peace that you truly desire, then “feel” and experience that peace within you. Once you do, then you can imagine and intend this feeling outward into the world that surrounds you. Your thoughts, words and actions affect the whole.

Dear Ones, I invite you to act and choose consciously. Notice those around you when you find your inner peace. Has anything changed? Notice the changes within you and those around you. Notice if these changes have come from fear or from love.

This is all for now. And so it is.

With Great Love,

Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna

Life Coach, Author & Speaker
©Victoria Barna, Channeled September 1, 2013

Peace Begins Within

Gratitude for Mary Magdalene artwork: © by Lily Moses www.lilymoses.com

Choose the Lens of Love Through Shifts and Life Changes

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Shifts, Life Changes & Blessings

April brought me many new insights. Lots of shifts and life changes have occurred. In addition, I am so grateful for the many blessings in my life and the new group that has begun with the new program that Gisela and I are offering, Reclaim Your Power… Recapture Your Brilliance™.

In light of the recent activity in Boston I’ve taken some personal time for reflection and would like to share it with you.

Choose The Lens Of LOVE!

The time for sorrow is over. The time for rejoicing has begun. Consider the recent tragedies throughout the world. You have a choice to make. In other words, how are you choosing to respond to these tragedies?

Is your response one of hate, revenge or vengeance? Is it one of anger, fear, or despair — only seeing negativity all around you? Is it one of forgiveness or hope as communities rally to support the fallen as well as their families and friends who grieve for their loss? What is your response? Will you choose to create more barriers that separate humankind or find ways to build bridges that forge unity?

Grieve for the loss of all life and rejoice for the opportunity to live and create a better life for you and your loved ones. Again, this is a choice you can make. Which is your preferred choice? Which brings you the greatest joy? It is truly up to you. There is no right or wrong answers only different experiences based on your choice.

Reclaim your inherent Divine nature. Act using the lens of LOVE and BE all that you are as you serve yourself and others.

Lens of Love

Reflection on Choosing the Lens of Love

As I think about making choices using the lens of LOVE, I’m reminded of Bashar, a being who is channeled by Darryl Anka, and his measure of success. He tells us to simply, “Act on your highest joy and excitement to the best of your ability until you can go no further. Release any desired expectations of how the outcome will be.” This is your preferred choice. This is key to creating and living a life filled with love and joy.

Have fun as you open yourself to the reflection from my book, Reclaim Your Power, A Journey of Change and Transformation, page 45 & 46.

Act on Your Highest Joy and Excitement

“Recall, if you can, the times when you have felt so good and happy with life and your situation that all things seemed possible–the times where your innocence, like a child’s innocence, emerged and wonder and awe prevailed. This is how we wish for you to feel each moment as you LOVE yourselves, Dear Ones. This level of LOVE for yourself is where you begin.

. . . Dear Ones, it is here that you can choose to change, choose to change YOU and your beliefs about life and yourself. When you choose to change YOU then others around you will begin to change as they respond to the LIGHT and LOVE that you are and have consciously chosen to bring into awareness.

Victoria Barna
Life Coach, Author & Speaker
©Victoria Barna, April 2013

New Year’s Wishes of Peace & Love…

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New Year’s Wishes of
Peace, Joy, LOVE & Abundance


Love and Live Your Heart's Desire


We’ve passed 12/12/12 and 12/21/2012 and now we have rounded the corner into 2013! This is a time of where we have moved from a universal year of great change and transformation into a year of more harmony, balance and peace! What does this mean for you?

Right now most people I talk to are expressing shifts and changes in their lives. For those of you who are sensitive and “feel” energy you “feel” the energetic shifts as well. For some this can feel overwhelming and even manifest in some physical disharmony. Notice what you feel. Are you feeling energies that are yours or do they belong to others? Ask God/Creator/Spirit/All That Was, Is and Ever Will Be, whatever you call the ONE Source, to help you “let go” of all that no longer serves you. Trust that it is happening immediately! A great intention/affirmation that I like to use is,

“I AM love, peace, whole, healed, happy, abundant, grateful, and so much more.”

I have learned that when I accept myself and where I am in the moment I move through shifts and changes more easily. When I resist and think I can force the change that’s where I run into “stuff.”

That’s the only way I will describe it right now — “stuff.”

How about you?

Victoria Barna
Heart’s Desire Life Coach,
Author & Speaker

©Victoria Barna, December  2012

The Way To Peace Lives Within

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Choice A Simple Way to Peace

When I wrote Choice A Simple Way to Peace published in 2007 it was written through the voice of a young teenage girl, Emily. One of the Chapters reflects on Peace. Emily wonders what she can do about peace. I thought I would share one of her reflections.

What Happens to Peace?

Peace is with me every minute
of every day.
Why isn’t it here to stay?
What happens to peace?

Does it go away or do I just leave?
Is it something that comes
when I roll up my sleeve?
What happens to peace?

When my thoughts are racing
and I can’t wait to move on;
does peace feel neglected and put upon?
Is that what happens to peace?

When I’m excited and happy
about my new game,
does peace think all I want
is fortune and fame?
Is that what happens to peace?

When I wonder why there is violence and pain,
has peace been forgotten
like so much rain?
What happens to peace?

When I lay in my bed quietly at night,
I remember that peace is within me all right!
I forgot to be quiet and go deep inside.
I forgot that peace is within me,
lying on my back or on my side!

I can choose peace either day or at night.
I can choose peace all the time; it is right!
I can choose peace when my thoughts are not racing.
I can choose peace when I’m silent, not pacing.

©2007, All Rights Reserved

If you want to get your own copy of our book click here.

Choice A Simple Way To Peace
comes as an eBook too!

Choice A Simple Way to Peace

Victoria Barna
Transformative Guide, Healer, Author

Love is the Journey…Peace is the Destination

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I have always known that LOVE is the center of everything. In recent years it has become clearer to me as my own spiritual journey has grown and evolved that LOVE is the greatest transformer of all and that LOVE is who we are; LOVE is Mother-Father God/Creator/Spirit/Source/All That is ONE. LOVE IS! When LOVE is our lens through which life choices and decisions are made chaos and violence subside bringing with it feelings of peace.

On a conscious level I know that PEACE is more desirable than chaos, war or violence. I believe that most people will agree with this. In fact, throughout my life I have been drawn to writings about peace, peace advocates and events. I didn’t know what my role in all of this was. I have often asked myself, “How can I, one person, bring peace to this world?” A few years ago I read a book by Thich Nhat Hanh, Living Buddha, Living Christ, and was deeply touched. In it he said, “Peace begins within”.

This simple statement resonated deeply within me striking a chord of long forgotten memories. It also reminded me that PEACE IS THE DESTINATION for all of us. Until we feel peace within ourselves, accept ourselves fully with love and compassion peace remains elusive, like the butterfly. This is a journey for many of us and one that brings many blessings and a journey for which I am grateful.

There is a tendency to look for peace outside of ourselves; make someone else responsible for peace. The true transformation begins when we are PEACE; we are centered with clear mind and intention for the highest good of all. In order to create a world where all co-exist harmoniously centered in LOVE, PEACE, JOY, ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY each one of us first must look within ourselves and find peace. Remember, LOVE is the journey…Peace is the destination.

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author
Reclaim Your Power; CHOICE A Simple Way to Peace;
Guided Journeys Meditation CD; and Soul Journey Journal

©Copyright 2009