Through A Different Lens

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Inspirational Reflections


Through A Different Lens

What is there to forgive?
I see who you truly are.
I know who I am.
We are Divine Love incarnate.
You reflect what remains in me to change.
Thank you.
I am grateful.

Victoria Barna
©2015 & Beyond


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Through A Different Lens

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Beauty, Like a Rose, Unfolds Moment by Moment

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Beauty Like A Rose

As I sit and ponder and my mind begins to wander
I wonder: What do I really see?
What surrounds you and what surrounds me?
Am I aware?
Am I blind?
What don’t I see?
I wonder.

Take one moment and stop.
It is easy for thoughts to hop.
I stop.
I begin to breathe
in and out, in and out.

I notice my breath.
It is slowing.
Thoughts slow.
They begin to quiet.
I relax and feel peace.
I notice my heart beat.
Is my rhythm the same as Mother Earth’s?
I wonder.

I begin to walk.
The path seems familiar, yet new.
Is there so little that has come through?
What do I hear?
A glorious symphony is playing.

What do I smell?
It’s the fragrance of life, value beyond paying.
The beauty of creation is all around.
What have I missed on this path called life?
What hasn’t been found?
I wonder.

Beauty Like A Rose

I’m awake now.
I see a rose.
Today it is a beautiful bud and tomorrow it unfolds.
Each moment I walk
another lovely layer and fascinating facet reveal.
How grateful I am for this awareness,
this that’s always been present!
Have I taken it for granted?
I wonder.

How many roses are left unseen?
What beauty has been revealed and, like the rose, forgotten?
Beauty abounds in each and every moment, in all things.
Like the rose beauty unfolds, moment by moment.
It is there for you and it is there for me
to see and appreciate.
What will it take?
I wonder.

It is time for senses to open.
It is time to accept where I am in this moment.
This moment is all I have.
I cannot go back and bring forth the past,
the beauty and roses missed.
I can release them with no regret,
rejoice in this moment,
accept where I am, and move forward.
Is it that easy?
I wonder.

Beauty abounds
and like the rose it unfolds,
moment by moment.
It is mine to discover.
It is mine to ignore.
It is mine to appreciate with all of my senses.
It is mine to embrace.
It is mine to create.
It is mine to become.
Beauty abounds.

©2010, All Rights Reserved

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