Channeled Messages From Archangel Michael

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Dear and precious children of the Light, WE send you greetings and LOVE BEYOND MEASURE?LOVE WITHOUT LIMIT OR CONDITIONS. FEEL OUR LOVE NOW! Take one moment and BREATHE in and out through your nose. Quiet your thoughts for a few moments as you BREATHE. When you are comfortable allow yourself to receive for just a moment the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that is always there for you.

ASK us dear ones when you feel unloved, uncertain, fearful, or hopeless. ASK us to remind you that LOVE is the natural state of BEING. LOVE is what you are within your precious souls and spiritual beingness?your core essence is LOVE. REMEMBER, who you are and that ALL things are possible when you ASK for help from Mother-Father God/Creator/Spirit/Source/All That is ONE, whatever you name the ONE. ASK. You are not alone. Never have been, never will be. The only separation is that which you create in your minds. It is your choice through FREE WILL to return to your essence or not.

On the surface there seems to be great Chaos and despair. This is fact. We suggest that in order for change and transformation to occur, the old systems and beliefs must change. Rather than look at the negative in this situation find the blessing and be grateful for the opportunity to create something new that serves the highest light and the greatest good. The truth, dear and precious children of the Light, is that the resources in the Universe are limitless and available to you if you ASK for help from your heart space. Ask with LOVE and focus on serving the greatest good. When you ASK from this space all is possible.

There is HOPE dear and precious ones. There is HOPE that all will change. It begins with YOU. Open your hearts to receive UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Fill up with LOVE for yourself and others. When you are full so to speak you can give greatly and grandly to others. See others and what is around you in a different light. Look for the similarities and not the differences for truly WE are all ONE part of ONE Source and connected through our thoughts words and actions. Imagine a world of PEACE, JOY, LOVE, ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY; a world where everyone is HEALTHY, HAPPY, FREE AND IN HARMONY. When you visualize this world and hold this image in your mind and heart there is no room for the other. This dear children of the Universe is truth and in this truth know that change and transformation begins with YOU. If this is the world you choose to create and want to live in then begin now by seeing it whole and perfect. ASK US for help from your heart space, nothing is too small or too great. So be it and so it is.

This is all for now dear ones. WE hold you in our arms for you are precious and powerful beings of LIGHT and LOVE. Remember who you are. You are not alone. ASK in each and every moment. ASK. BE the masters that you are. Reclaim your power NOW!

It is with great JOY and LOVE that I speak for all in the Angelic and Ascended realms in this moment. It is I, Archangel Michael, the voice of many who speaks to you now.

Received Through…

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

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