New Vibrational Energy Brings Infinite Possibilities

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Infinite Possibilities are here now… Let’s begin with 2012, which carried the powerful vibrational energy of change, transformation and freedom that has given each one of us the opportunity to see how we respond to these often frantic yet exciting energies. In addition to holidays, we have passed 12/12/12 and 12/21/12; powerful vibrational frequencies and portals.

Did your life feel more chaotic and out of control; or flowed like the river around obstacles; or a little of both in 2012? Are you ready for something new?

What does the new Vibrational Energy of 2013 bring?

It carries a more peaceful, loving, balanced, and harmonious vibration. It is a vibration that supports birth and rebirth. In other words, what have you “let go” of in 2012 and what are you ready to create or re-create in 2013? This is a time that fully supports listening to and opening your heart more. Trust the answers you find deep within; the whispers from your heart. It’s time to awaken, discover, and create your heart’s desire.

Are you feeling the shift?

I am and many of my clients are too. There is a general feeling of optimism–something great is here and I feel like anything is possible — life is full of infinite possibilities right now. Amazing isn’t it when you think about events and headlines in the news? Each one of us has the ability to create a life filled with peace, joy, balance, harmony, and love–a life of infinite possibilities.

What kind of life and infinite possibilities do you want to create?

When I think about the life I’m creating I use these 5 tips as reminders. Feel free to use the ones that resonate with you and “let go” of the ones that don’t!

  1. I intend peace, joy, love, health, abundance, and so much more for myself, my family, the earth, and all life.
  2. I know what energy and responsibilities are mine. When I feel out of sorts I “check in” and see if it’s my energy or someone else’s that I’m feeling. If it’s not mine then I ask to release it with ease and grace.  The only person I can change is me!
  3. I trust my intuition/guidance. I am free to ask valued colleagues for their insights; however, when my heart is open the answers that serve my highest good are found deep within me.
  4. I “let go” of limitations–beliefs, judgments, and perceptions that no longer serve me.
  5. I am open to all that is possible; infinite possibilities.

In closing, I want to thank each one of you for the opportunity to share some of my insights.

May 2013 bring you infinite possibilities and your heart’s desire,

Victoria Barna
Life Coach, Author & Speaker
©Victoria Barna, December 2012

* Share with us how you are feeling these new vibrational energies and what infinite possibilities you want to create?

New Year’s Wishes of Peace & Love…

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New Year’s Wishes of
Peace, Joy, LOVE & Abundance


Love and Live Your Heart's Desire


We’ve passed 12/12/12 and 12/21/2012 and now we have rounded the corner into 2013! This is a time of where we have moved from a universal year of great change and transformation into a year of more harmony, balance and peace! What does this mean for you?

Right now most people I talk to are expressing shifts and changes in their lives. For those of you who are sensitive and “feel” energy you “feel” the energetic shifts as well. For some this can feel overwhelming and even manifest in some physical disharmony. Notice what you feel. Are you feeling energies that are yours or do they belong to others? Ask God/Creator/Spirit/All That Was, Is and Ever Will Be, whatever you call the ONE Source, to help you “let go” of all that no longer serves you. Trust that it is happening immediately! A great intention/affirmation that I like to use is,

“I AM love, peace, whole, healed, happy, abundant, grateful, and so much more.”

I have learned that when I accept myself and where I am in the moment I move through shifts and changes more easily. When I resist and think I can force the change that’s where I run into “stuff.”

That’s the only way I will describe it right now — “stuff.”

How about you?

Victoria Barna
Heart’s Desire Life Coach,
Author & Speaker

©Victoria Barna, December  2012