New Beginnings… Trusting Whispers from the Heart

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October is a month of new beginnings.

Has your energy been spiraling upward? I’ve found myself in a whirlwind this month.  I returned from a creative break and the minute October hit spiraling energy has been non-stop.

I took a deep breath and asked myself why. Then I remembered in numerology October is a month of new beginnings. Okay, it makes sense now. I am beginning some new ventures…

As I thought about what’s new in my life I realized that the new book I’ve been writing is being printed and will be ready for the next phase of introduction; a new beginning. I taught two new classes at Storm Wisdom; a new beginning. Clients and friends have shared stories of new relationships and business opportunities; new beginnings.

Being open to new beginnings/opportunities isn’t always an easy thing to allow, is it?

It can be exciting and a little scary at the same time. I find myself often asking lots of questions that stifle my creativity or my fear of the unknown gets in the way.

  • What’s up with my intuition?
  • Why can’t I get a clear answer?

Sound familiar?

When this happens to me I take a few deep breaths to clear my swirling thoughts and doubts. I focus on my heartspace; center and feel the stillness within me. Then I listen within to whispers from my heart. I’m sure you’ve heard them too. This is when clear answers come to me.

Many of you know that I’ve been writing a new book called Act of One with a dear friend and colleague, Bruce Tully.

Act of One Authors Victoria Barna and Bruce Tully

The new Act of One website is almost done and the books have arrived and are ready to inspire each of you. WooHoo!

New Beginnings Act of One Book launchesWe will be introducing our new book at the National Teachers of English Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada – November 15th – 17th, 2012 at the MGM Grand.

Both Bruce & I will be at the Anderson Book Shop vendors booth for book signings on Friday at 3p – 4p on November 16th and Saturday at 9a – 10a on November 17th.

Come on by, we would love to see you!

Remember that the answers you seek are within reach if you trust what is received! As you trust your intuition, those whispers from the heart, new opportunities and new beginnings present themselves to you… Recognize and trust when they arrive — go into the flow!

With Great Love & Light,

Victoria Barna
©2012 & Beyond

p.s. Share with us what new beginnings are happening in your life right now.

Awakening Experience #1- Entering the Infinite Heartspace

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Entering the Infinite Heartspace

Create a personal intention for what you want to experience during this time. Find a place where you know you won’t be interrupted for 15 to 30 minutes. This can be indoors or outdoors. Make sure you are comfortable and have some water to sip.

Now, take a few sips of your water. Close your eyes. Begin to take some clearing and relaxing breaths. Remember that you have no right or wrong way to do this. Breathe in through your nose all that’s new and fresh and breathe out through your mouth all that is stale and toxic including tension and stress. Continue to breathe like this until you feel your heartbeat calming and slowing down. Feel your shoulders relaxing and dropping because you are releasing tension and stress.

Awakening Infinite HeartSpace

Imagine your favorite thing to do or favorite place to be. What brings you the most joy? For example, if you love being by the water, imagine your favorite water place in the middle of your chest. Is it a waterfall, lake, river, pond, fountain or the ocean? Imagine it in the middle of your chest just above your ribs and below your collar bone.

Now that you have chosen your favorite place and can imagine it in the center of your chest (your heartspace and infinite heart) continue to breathe. Find your own rhythm as you begin your journey from the top of your head to your favorite place that brings you joy–your infinite heart. Imagine traveling the path downward and notice what’s different. Move into your heartspace, your infinite heart, and feel the joy it brings to you. Allow yourself to BE joy-filled.

Know that you are safe and allow yourself to feel the infinite and expansive space of your heart. Allow wonder, love and joy to emerge. Ahhhhh. When you are ready you can return to your conscious mind by taking two or three more breaths and slowly opening your eyes. Feel your body. Move your neck, shoulders and spine gently. Rub your arms and legs. Stretch and return to now. Sip some water and, if you like, write down what you notice that’s different from your experience. Don’t think. Just write. What did you notice?

The more you practice, the more you will notice and feel. Moving into your infinite heart will become easier each time. You can ask a question before you begin or in the moment ask God or your guides to show you what unconditional love feels like in the space of your infinite heart. Enjoy being amazed.

With Great Love & Light,

Victoria Barna
©2012 & Beyond

p.s. Next week Awakening Experience #2 – A Guided Journey into Awakening; Please SHARE our article and any comments below about your Infinite Heartspace experience.