Heartspace and The Infinite Heart

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Heartspace: The Infinite Heart

The heartspace is where the greatest change and transformation take place for the heartspace, when open, holds no attachment. When the heartspace is open and decisions are made from the limitless available information, all is possible.  It is here one gains true personal  power. It is here that true healing takes place and wisdom resides.

The journey of remembering and letting go is an inner journey. This is true transformation.

What Is Heartspace: The Infinite Heart?

Why is the Infinite Heart important?

What role does the brain play in all of this?

When my thoughts are quiet and stillness is reached I have access to wisdom, information and knowledge from limitless fields of information including my intuition, guidance from spiritual realms and other dimensions.

When I began to explore what I am calling The Infinite Heart to see what science is saying about the heartspace I found that HeartMath Research Center, Institute of HeartMath, Publication No. 01-001, in Boulder Creek, California, presented the following insights in 2001:
Four Ways the Heart Communicates with the Brain:

  • Neurologically (Nerves)
  • Biochemically (Hormones)
  • Biophysically (Pressure Waves)
  • Energetically (Electromagnetic Fields)

More from HeartMath about the Heart:

  • It is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body.
  • Its electrical field is sixty times greater in amplitude than electrical activity generated by the brain.
  • Its magnetic field is five thousand times greater in strength than the magnetic field of the brain.
  • Its electromagnetic signals affect others.
  • Heart-focused feelings like love and appreciation help the brain entrain with the heart.

So, what does this mean to me?

What intrigued me was the information that describes how much more powerful the heart is than the brain. In fact, it is the energy field of the heart that is most delightful to me as a practitioner of subtle energies as I work with clients seeking ways to change and transform many aspects of their lives.

I often find that people are searching for answers but don’t trust what they receive. A lot of time is spent second-guessing and doubting what is received. When a person is in this space that person can feel as though his or her mind is racing much like a hamster on a wheel as the wheel continues to spin faster and faster. When I mention this I see a smile and a resounding confirmation of this truth. Sometimes I suggest that to quiet and stop this confusion, “Just move your attention from your head into your heartspace so your mind will quiet.”

In the quiet of the heartspace access to wisdom is found. Answers to questions can be heard clearly.

This is easier said than done! Many tools can be used to help achieve this inner connection within the heartspace.

At a Matrix Energetics seminar created and presented by Dr. Richard Bartlett he invited us to think of the brain as a computer, the hardware, with the left brain behaving more like a serial processor with limited capacity and the right brain behaving like that of a parallel processor with far more capacity and less limitation. The pearl that was revealed to me, however, was the image of keeping the left brain busy enough to allow the right brain to bring infinite useful information into the heartspace which is neutral and limitless.

The software that the heartspace accesses is not from the brain but from the unseen morphic fields of limitless information and consciousness. These fields function much like computer applications function. They are limitless in the information, wisdom and knowledge that they hold.

Dr. Bartlett’s message was similar, though using different words, to what I’ve intuitively known. Now I have language to describe what I’ve felt and known before.

Further, I discovered another pearl as I listened to Dr. Bartlett’s presentation. He pointed out that not many people know what it feels like to be in the quiet place of our hearts. A light bulb went on as I thought, it’s one thing to intellectualize on how we get there and feel it and it is another thing to feel it and experience it actually.

My own journey has led me to this place after many years of prayer, discernment and meditation which have included a practice of energy movement incorporating Tai Chi, QiGong, breathing and other subtle energy practices.

The heartspace is where the greatest change and transformation happen because it provides a neutral field enabling us to connect with our  highest consciousness, wisdom and knowledge.

It is here that clutter is eliminated and clarity prevails. It is here that the infinite is made available and evaluated with the help of our brains.

The HeartMath study described to me the power of my heart versus my brain in new ways. Dr. Bartlett’s description and language also have given me new ways to describe what I already know. I’m grateful for the confirmation!

Everything is conscious, all is possible, we are creators, and amazing things happen when we let go of expected outcomes.

The only limitations to what is possible are what we believe and how we limit our imaginations.

With Great Love & Light,
Heartspace The Infinite Heart



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