Planting the Seed

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Master Gardener Planting The Seed

The seed of wisdom, knowledge, experience and memories have been planted in your soul and consciousness before you were born. This is a time of awakening and remembering who you are and why you chose to come to this time and place.

It begins with a seed.
Wisdom, knowledge, awareness—all are found within,
deep within the soul.

Think of yourself as a gardener. You are a master gardener who has the responsibility to till and nurture the most precious soil in the universe and beyond. That is the soil of the soul. In fact, your role as master gardener is so important that the resources of the universe are at your fingertips—a cosmic nursery filled with master gardeners. It doesn’t matter if you know how to be a gardener or not. It only matters that you are. This is the analogy that will be used throughout.

Acorn Seed Awakening

Many of you have a yearning deep within that has yet to be named. It often feels as though “life must be something more” even when life is good. This is a soul awakening and remembering—struggling like the acorn seed to push through and grow into its full maturity and become the beautiful oak tree. Your soul is yearning for conscious awakening and remembering. It is longing to grow into its full maturity, when you are consciously ONE with God. This is a maturity that brings forth the God/Goddess within, the one who co-creates with Source in each and every moment, nurturing life in all forms. It is a maturity that recognizes beauty and God in all expressions of life. It is a maturity that is not based upon age. It is, rather, one of soul consciousness and awareness that can come at any age.

As you become and own the mastery of all that you are, you are indeed the master gardener, the gardener who is responsible for what seed is planted, removed and nurtured within your own inner garden. Freedom to create all that you desire is at your fingertips.

Now let’s begin at the beginning for it is here that understanding starts. First let’s say that you have free will and are free to believe what you will. This is a precious gift given freely by Mother-Father God/Creator/Source/All That Is One. For ease of discussion we will refer to the ONE Source as God. It is not our intent to link any religious connotation with this term, however. It is not our intent to persuade or convince you of these truths or beliefs. We ask that you remain open of heart, mind and soul and feel the truth that resonates for you.

Planting The Seed - Rose Unfold


The Seed of Truth

Take what resonates within your soul and allow it freedom to grow, like the acorn seed, the seed of truth that has been planted within your soul through eons of time. Allow it freedom to sprout and grow into its full beauty. Like the rose, watch it unfold.

Take a moment and reflect, “What is beauty?” For each one of you beauty may be described differently.

  • How do you feel when you are in the presence of beauty?
  • What emotions do you feel?
  • Are there physical sensations?
  • Do you allow yourself to feel the full expression of beauty or is beauty more of an intellectual exercise for you?
  • What do you think and feel about yourself in relationship to beauty?
  • In other words, are you beautiful? If not, why not?
  • What do others tell you about yourself?
  • If they can see the beauty within you, why can’t you?

These questions are being asked now to plant seeds and create awareness. Your answers and awareness may evolve as you continue to reflect upon the questions over a period of days, months and years. No one has a set time for awareness to develop. In fact, once you think you have the answer you may find that more hidden depths or layers will appear, much like roots that have spread which reveal other awareness and other insights.

These questions are not meant as forms of judgment. Once these seeds germinate within and begin to sprout you may find answers that are freeing, raising other questions. It is part of the process, the process of nurturing and growth. It is how your inner garden grows.

Think of this stage as one of preparation. You, the gardener, are preparing the soil, so to speak. What are the nutrients, environment and frequencies that are needed to care for your garden? What will you plant? What type of soil is needed?

Think of it this way. In your day-to-day life of family, business and other priorities and activities, how do you nurture yourself? For example, what environment do you work and live in? What types of thoughts, words and activities do you participate in? What types of people are in your circle of friends and associates? Do you love your work? Do you feel passion and joy in each moment of your existence?

Watch Your Seed Mature Into Full Bloom

What do you believe about your life? Do you believe you have the power to change it and to create a life of your dreams? Do you believe that you can plant anything in your garden and grow it into full maturity watching the seeds sprout and mature into full bloom? If you don’t have the power to be the master of your life, the master gardener, then who does?

See what is ready to awaken within you. Certainly it is the awakening of your own inner power, the power to create the life you dream about, the life you can co-create with God.

With Great Love & Light,

Victoria Barna - Planting the Seed



* We find the flower essences assist in the process of centering and connecting, encouraging the light with its wisdom and love to flow for awakening and nurturing your planted seed.

The Way To Peace Lives Within

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Choice A Simple Way to Peace

When I wrote Choice A Simple Way to Peace published in 2007 it was written through the voice of a young teenage girl, Emily. One of the Chapters reflects on Peace. Emily wonders what she can do about peace. I thought I would share one of her reflections.

What Happens to Peace?

Peace is with me every minute
of every day.
Why isn’t it here to stay?
What happens to peace?

Does it go away or do I just leave?
Is it something that comes
when I roll up my sleeve?
What happens to peace?

When my thoughts are racing
and I can’t wait to move on;
does peace feel neglected and put upon?
Is that what happens to peace?

When I’m excited and happy
about my new game,
does peace think all I want
is fortune and fame?
Is that what happens to peace?

When I wonder why there is violence and pain,
has peace been forgotten
like so much rain?
What happens to peace?

When I lay in my bed quietly at night,
I remember that peace is within me all right!
I forgot to be quiet and go deep inside.
I forgot that peace is within me,
lying on my back or on my side!

I can choose peace either day or at night.
I can choose peace all the time; it is right!
I can choose peace when my thoughts are not racing.
I can choose peace when I’m silent, not pacing.

©2007, All Rights Reserved

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Choice A Simple Way to Peace

Victoria Barna
Transformative Guide, Healer, Author