Stay Grounded and In Your Body

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One of the things that I have noticed recently with people I meet or clients that I see is what I will call a state of not feeling or being grounded. What does this mean to me? It’s a sense and feeling that comes from the subtle energy that surrounds a person that makes me feel like they are “flying”; or it feels like there is fogginess in their brain–there is difficulty finding clarity. There are some whose thoughts feel scattered and racing like a hamster on a wheel–finding it hard to focus. Then there are people who have so much going on without a free moment to spare that stress and tension are a way of being–noticeably carried in their body.

Have you ever felt like this? Would you like to talk about simple ways that can help you feel more grounded and fully present in your body? I believe that we are invited to remember and experience being fully present in our bodies right now. As we learn to trust and use all of our senses and intuition to access useful information, wisdom and knowledge from all time and space we can create and bring into form what our heart’s desire. It doesn’t matter whether we are creating relationships, career choices, personal growth, health, or abundance. It’s when we are grounded and in our bodies that creation of something tangible takes place.

Join Victoria from 5:30p-6p on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Storm Wisdom to talk about helpful ways to ground and feel present in your body. Some of these simple tools include using: breathing techniques, sprays, visualization, flower essences, and crystals. You may also have ways that work for you that you would like to share. I look forward to seeing and talking to you. This is a free service.

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Channeling?What Is It and Why Is It Important?

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If someone had told me 15 years ago that I would be an open and clear channel of information from the higher realms I would have rolled my eyes and said, “yeah, right.” I didn’t know what “channeling” meant except changing the channels on the TV. The journey of awakening has been an amazing one of change and transformation but that’s a story for another time!

Here I am 15 years later and guess what? One of the things that I do is “channel” messages from beloved beings of light like Mary Magdalene and others. It has been quite a journey of opening, accepting and owning it. I feel that everyone has the ability to “channel” higher guidance. It often appears when our minds are quiet, our intuition kicks in or we feel inspired. An idea or an answer to a problem or question might seem to appear out of nowhere and it is perfect. These are times when we connect to information and guidance that is beyond us. The information comes from our guides or a higher consciousness.

What is channeling? Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer who channel Orin and DaBen have written a book called Opening to Channel. They say that,

“Opening your channel to the higher realms will create an evolutionary leap for you, for channeling is a powerful means of     Spiritual unfoldment and conscious transformation. As you         channel you build a bridge to the higher realms?a loving, caring,       purposeful collective higher consciousness that has been called   God, the All-That-Is, or the Universal Mind.”

Why is channeling important? I feel that the more we consciously choose to open to higher or expanded levels of awareness and consciousness the more we learn that we are not alone. We remember who we are and why we chose to be here at this time. Limitless resources of wisdom, ideas and knowledge are available to us when we “tune” in and ask. All is possible.

Please join Gisela and I for our series of channeled messages from Mary Magdalene and channeled Angelic soul songs beginning at Storm Wisdom. Contact the store for more information @ 602-334-1204.

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