Vibrational Healing as a Form of Creative Expression

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When was the last time you associated healing withvibration and creative expression? Vibrational healing is not new. It has been around for thousands of years and called by many names: Light (laser), sound, subtle energy, intuition, color, breath, crystals, flower essences, herbs, acupuncture, numerology, astrology, nature, guided visualization, meditation, prayer, and intentions to name a few.

Whether you are aware of it or not most individuals experience the effects of color and sound everyday. Think about the music that pleasesor puts you on edge and the colors that soothe or make you feel good. You are receiving the benefits of color and sound therapy.

Consider the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. Think of them as energetic and vibrational sources that can be called upon to assist in the healing process. For example, if you love nature, take a walk, sit on a rock, hear the symphony of the birds, or “hug a tree”.Feel relaxed and calmer. If you are a cat or dog lover, what kind of comfort, calming and healing do you receive from them?

Dr. MasuruEmoto’s beautiful study of water crystals is another great example of how the vibrations of thought, words, music, prayer, meditation and intention shift and change the molecular structure of water from something quite distorted to beauty that touches our souls. A picture is worth a thousand words. How do these energy forms affect our bodies? Think about it. How will healing shift when our thoughts, beliefs, and intentions shift?

Consciously choose to create healthy environments and lifestyles for yourself.Have fun. Vibrational resources are available in many forms. Get creative. Your imagination is your only limitation.

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Heart Connection & Love

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As many of you know I receive guidance from Beloved Mary Magdalene and share what is meant to be shared. I also receive guidance from other ascended Beings of Light. Beloved Ascended Master Sananda, also known as Jesus, brings this message about the heart connection and Love.

With great light and love,


“Let us speak for a few moments from the heart Dear and precious children. It is now the time of the heart and this you have known in conscious mind for some time. It is now time, however, to use the heart as the lens through which all is created. Now, by the heart I mean to say it is LOVE that is the lens of the new paradigm. It is LOVE that will save all in this time and place for no longer is it possible to let fear, power, greed and self aggrandizement rule. It is time to shift and change; this is a time of transformation.

Surrender to these shifts children with ease and grace for we are assisting you every step of the way. Surrender to the power of God, the god within and the God of All. You are ONE with Source and the spark that is Source within you glows brighter and brighter in each and every moment. Allow your spark to shine and glow for many. Allow your light to shine and lead others home; home to the heart; home to love; home to God and Source.

See all through the eyes of the Divine fully accepting each one exactly where they are on their journey. This is the best service for all. Invite them to journey home with you; home to the heart and Source of all power – LOVE.

Remain in your heart space in each moment. Feel the warmth that radiates outward and touches the seen and unseen. This is your power children.”

Happy Valentine’s Day…

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Author & Publisher

©Victoria Barna, Channeled Oct. 2010