Love and Healing

September 22, 2010 · Filed Under Channeled Messages 

As we hear all about what is wrong in the world it is easy to become overwhelmed; wondering how one person can make a difference or fix what seems to be broken. I have come to know that, for me, it begins with one thought, one choice, one action, and in one moment in time. It does mean making choices on what to believe and accept; creating what serves my highest good. Beloved Mary Magdalene’s message about Love and Healing has universal application. Please enjoy her loving wisdom and energy.

With great light and love,


“It is with great JOY and LOVE that I speak with you now. It is LOVE that pours from my heart to yours, so to speak. LOVE is all there is Dear and precious child of the Universe. LOVE transforms, creates and heals does it not? LOVE is what I wish to speak about right now.

We have been speaking with you these past few days about LOVE and healing, have we not? We wish for you to totally grasp and understand with your human mind what we mean. For now let us focus on healing the heart, spirit and emotions rather than the physical body.

Follow your heart and feel JOY in each moment. Let this be your guiding light?LOVE for yourself and others. Hold the energies and feelings of compassion, gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness and unconditional LOVE in each and every moment. This is how true healing occurs; healing at the soul level. FEEL JOY in every action.

Allow LOVE and LIGHT to fully emerge with no expectations of outcome. This is the state of BEING we wish for you. FEEL JOY in every thought, word, smell, sight and action. Allow the LOVE within, the LOVE that is the essence of All to emerge; this Dear and precious child of the Universe is what heals. This is who you are.”

Channeled Message Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Author & Publisher
©Victoria Barna, August 2010

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