Change Your Beliefs…Change Your Life!

October 28, 2009 · Filed Under Spiritual Wisdom · Comment 

Gisela Arenas, my teaching partner, and I have been offering a series of classes recently entitled Change Your Beliefs…Change Your Life – Aligning with Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth and Success. There has been much written and presented about the Law of Attraction in recent months. Our approach has been somewhat different. We have created tools and experiences that assist people in understanding that often times there is conflict in what we want to create in our lives. Often our beliefs don’t support the life we want to live. For example, when we ask a participant to test for a yes or no response to, “I believe I deserve abundance, prosperity, wealth and success in my life” the response is often NO! We find that this is counter to what their conscious mind believes.

So, what is the point, you ask? The point is that often times what we think we believe and what we truly believe in our bodies, minds or cellular consciousness are not in alignment. Ooops. Through an approach of aligning beliefs and use of releasing tools we have found that people are able to release blocks and resistance to what they want to create. It is important to accept and allow yourself to be right where you are without judging or beating yourself up. Feel gratitude for the awareness. Because your thoughts are powerful energy forms, when they change in the form of beliefs it is possible to change your life! How cool is that?

Victoria Barna
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