There is Only NOW

August 6, 2009 · Filed Under Spiritual Wisdom · Comment 

The only time we have is NOW, isn’t it? I KNOW this and I FEEL it even more deeply in this moment. I am consciously aware of this truth as I have been called upon to support dear family friends who have lost a teenage son unexpectedly. Not only has this loss affected this family, others have been affected as well, including friends of the family, their sons’ friends, friends of siblings, etc. One of those affected has been my own son. I’ve seen shock and disbelief of the unexpected settle in, observed beliefs of invincibility shattered, and listened to and witnessed the grace of gratitude and love that is held for this beautiful soul by so many.

As the questions come and understanding and reasons are sought, I am reminded how precious each moment is. It is in this moment NOW that I am creator, choosing and creating my next moment?my future. I am reminded that there is no time and space and we are eternal beings even when our human forms no longer serve us. Our loved ones are not gone really; they have changed form and are now on to their next experience. This doesn’t mean that we cannot feel sadness and grieve for their human presence however; it creates an opportunity to celebrate the life, love and gratitude for this precious soul.

I am reminded that we choose our time of leaving. I am also reminded that we are not alone. Mother-Father God/Creator/Spirit/Source/All That is One, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, other Beings of Light, Medicine Men and Women of the Light and Ancestors anxiously await our call for support, guidance, and assistance. We are never alone or separated. How comforting and beautiful this is.

I am reminded how important it is to keep the channels of communication open. Share thoughts and beliefs of life, death and Mother-Father God/Creator/Spirit/Source/All That is One. NOW is the time for these conversations. NOW is the time to tell others how much they are loved. NOW is the time to REMEMBER that you are a precious child of God and the Universe, always have been and always will be; one who is loved unconditionally and beyond all measure. NOW is the time to create your next moment. What will it be?

Victoria Barna
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