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What is The Heart Experience™ ? It is a program co-created by Gisela Arenas and me that focuses on opening individual hearts and minds to allow accept and own that it is ok to receive love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance for self first and then others. This is essential for true growth and self healing to begin, we believe. We provide spiritual tools and guided meditations during each session so that what no longer serves is released; creating space for new beliefs, energies, and experiences – allowing LOVE to enter the heart space more freely. How beautiful is that?

Are you searching for answers, “who am I and why am I here”? Are there feelings of “there must be something more”? Through the journey of The Heart Experience™ explore the answers to these ageless questions; you are not alone. Feel and experience energy, the power of thought, words, beliefs and intentions. Discover beneficial tools and resources that can be used daily. Meet like minded people and the divine guides and helpers of the spiritual and nature realms that are here to assist and guide you in each and every moment. Re-connect with Mother/Father God/Creator/Spirit/ Source/All That is One – whatever you name the one Universal Life Force. Remember the master that you have been and are now. RECLAIM YOUR POWER!

Self empowerment and self mastery are here NOW for you to claim. It is yours to choose. Please check out our sites and make The Heart Experience™ journey your own:,,

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Channeled Message: All Is Possible… Love, Hope, Joy, Abundance, Prosperity, Peace & Harmony

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear ones, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is with great JOY and LOVE that WE wish you a New Year filled with LOVE, HOPE, JOY, ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY, PEACE and HARMONY. Yes, this is our message for you for all is possible. What do you choose to create this year?

Take a moment and breathe in and out deeply. Reach for the PEACE within you. Settle and breathe. Feel the calm spreading throughout your body. Breathe. 2009 is a year of new beginnings; one of change and transformation, one of illumination. What part will you choose to play in the changes? What do you choose to create for yourself, your family, your friends, your community, your country, the earth and the universe?

How far are you willing to reach? Are you willing to remain isolated or reach out in cooperation and collaboration? Are you willing to create with JOY and LOVE in your hearts or does FEAR dominate? Are you willing to remain open to receive the blessings and LOVE from God and the universe, friends and family or limit yourself? Are you willing to create PEACE? PEACE begins within. The choices are many and the choices are yours to make in each and every moment. Reclaim your power and choose that which makes your heart sing with JOY and LOVE in each and every moment! All is possible.

We in the Ascended and Angelic realms are grateful
to Victoria, a powerful listener and channel, for sharing
our message with you NOW!

Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

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